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  1. OT Cops Revenge

    Good one!
  2. The campaign costumizer is a DLC you have to buy and download from TK, it actually runs in the game interface, in the campaing start screen. If you have a full merged install you'll already have the F-16 flyable in Europe, just not in the campaign.
  3. VR Headset or 3-Screen Combo?

    There are several problems using the VR set. you can't see your phisical cockpit, or keyboard or whatever. Track IR can only track if you are looking toward it. I supose if you used free track pointed the trackclip at the ceiling and had the camera locking down on you it could work. You would have to swap some axis, pitch would still be pitch but roll would be yaw and yaw roll. I gess you could have a double setup in wich you'd have a big screen in front of you, for when regular flight/cockpit operation, and the VR set would be use much like a NVG set that you would lower for dogfight, one of the displays would just have to mirror the other. I don't know the resolution of that VR set but I'm gessing it would be a problem, and one of the limitations you'll face, until we have VR sets that can display high resolutions they will be a no go for most advanced users.
  4. After some reserch I decided to use the GR1_90, don't know if this is as intended.
  5. The Instalation Instructions for this are not quite right (or the campaigns .INIs are wrong. The Tornado Pack the PDF instructs to Download does not contain the TORNADO_F3. It only contains several on the GRs 1-4s several versions. Now I can easely Replace these By the F3 or change the campaign to use one of the GRs. But I wanted to know wich one did you actualy intended to be in it, or wich one should be given the time frame, etc. Thank you
  6. Better to ask for a serial for Flaming Cliffs 3!
  7. What Malibu said. Also keep in mind, and I know you couldn't do it in WoE not with a full payload, the Harrier is not designed or capable of vertical Take Off with a full combat load, maybe for a light scramble but that's about it. Also if you use short take off you can take off in a few dozen meters. For a short take off the real plane uses a bug that as soon as the plane reaches a certain speen (relatively slow) the nozels rotate down (not full down) and that way it can get airborn real fast, real short. Because the wings are generating lift and then you get the engine thrust pointed down. You can do the same in the game but there's no bug and you have to point the nozels manualy once you feel you're fast enough. Just Try it and see. And I don't think you are ment to try to descend from altitude using VTOL, I can imagine all sort of way's of ending upside down doing that. Even an Helicopter will soon find it self in trouble trying to descend too fast straight vertical. U can use thrust vectoring in some cool air-combat manovers though, Like decelarating fast and gaining altitude, a hit-the-brakes manover that not even Tom Cruise could pull off in his Tomcat, If you are sucessfull in making the bandit Overshoot, you can use your extra altitude to gain speed and let him have some.
  8. Oh I crack my self up sometimes... I just read myself... A "Kick question"... oh boy oh boy....
  9. I wnted to modify the 6 day war campaign to incorporate this. Who can tell me if all Mig-17F's were modified or just some? What percentage How many squadrons should be flying this?
  10. Just a kick question. Was this hadded for playability or did the 71 upgrade really had a RWR?
  11. Cool thanks! That's perfect for my little project!
  12. Thanks EricJ, I was just comming back to say I finaly got it. the problem was actually in the terrain. I had changed it before but for some reason it din't work (maybe I edited the terrain in the wrong "mod" folder for the game exe I was trying to run. It's good now though. You wouldn't happen to know anything about A-Team now, would you?
  13. I just noticed in My game installs (Full Merge, September 2011 update, modded and stock) I can't get the single mission dates to go beyond 1982. Now I've done all described in this topics http://combatace.com/topic/55030-adjusting-beginning-ending-years-for-sf2-series-terrains/ ; http://combatace.com/topic/68224-adjusting-beginning-end-year-spread/ ; the planes I'm trying to use have they're dates set well beyond 1982, and for some reason it doesn't work! Now campaigns seem to be fine and start in they're suposed dates "Red hammer" for example is in 1986. Any idea what I might have overlooked? I also wanted to ask if anyone has any idea how to get in touch with A-Team, there's a coupe of campaigns on this site that use stuff from them, and I was wondering if they could possibly consider me for an invite.
  14. Do you mean we can add date speficic loadouts too? how do we do that?
  15. Algumas dúvidas sobre o A-7P

    Boas sei que esta discussão já tem um Ano. Mas estou a acabar de fazer um edit para fazer um A-7P com os A-7s da TW. Na verdade já acabei os edit's e só falta a skin, que vai ser fraquinha porque sem um template é complicado. Vou me limitar a usar a skin SEA do A-7D com algums retoques onde o LOD não coincide. Para quem estiver interessado O edit que eu fiz é bem simples de fazer (eu depois vou postar provávelmente), mas quem quiser fazer por exemplo para os Aviões da MF pode fazer. Eu pessoalmente prefiro ficar com os da TW. A base usada e o LOD devem ser o do A-7A pois o A-7P usava esta celula re-equipada, o armamento interno também é o mesmo, dois canhões 20mm Colt Mk12. Para o Motor devem usar os dado do A-7C_71 pois o A-7P estava equipado com o motor que foi introduzido nesta versão o TF30-P-408. Eu não sei se a MF tem um A-7 com essa motorização especifica mas o A-7C_71 procura modelar essa versão precisamente. Para FM também usei o A-7C_71 uma vez que o A-7P tem a mesma motorização a mesma fuselagem basica, mesma asa e o A-7P é apenas cerca de 200kg mais leve, imagino que as caracteristicas de voo, fossem muito semelhantes. De qualquer maneira introduzi o peso correcto na secção apropriada. O cockpit e avionicos usei os do A-7E pois o nosso P era muito semelhante ao E em avionicos e configuração de cockpit. Depois fiz uma pequena mudança aos pilons das armas para poderem carregar Maveriks e mudei todos os pilons de NATO,USN para apenas NATO. Nação mudada para Portugal nas secções apropriadas bem como as datas de serviço (1981-1999). Depois disto acho que so me falta mesmo acabar de adaptar a skin e os Decalques. Mas se isto dá ideias a alguém para outro projecto, força lá!

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