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  1. I may have confused this a bit, but it has only been on my H drive, never on my C drive (I just noted that it was not installed on the drive that has my OS). I'll make sure that I only have it on my H drive. I'll check because the auto run installer typically sends you to the C drive, so I'll make sure I didnt screw up and install it in 2 places . ..ya, I realized I should have deleated those pics before replying .
  2. I have my Graphics card on the highest setting. I also have a Dell 24" wide screen set on the highest resolution and aspect ratio that I can choose from the WOV menue. I'm not the smartest guy in the world, but I'm confindent that I'm following the installation instructions on this and other Mods, but it seams that nothing works, it just stays stock. After looking at your pictures I can see that mine is still stock terrain. The crazy thing is that I know the correct files are in the VietnamSEA folder because as I said I can click on the files and they open and are clearly photographs. It is like the program doesnt know they are there to load. Maybe I should just try a new reinstall of the entire program? Do you think it has anything to do with my installation location? I have it on my H drive not the Cdrive where my OS is installed?
  3. Thanks. Yes I have the current patch and DX9c. System: Dell XPS GEN 2, Pent 4, 3.2GHz, 3G Memory, ATI X1950 Pro 528meg GPU (APG) I run MSFS 2004, Pac Fighters, IL2 all with great graphics so I imagine I can run WOV with its Mods fairly well. It's not a top end system now but it's pretty good. One thing to note is that I installed WOV on another Hard Drive (H), my C drive was getting full so I intalled a Seagate HD a few months back.<BR><BR>Thanks again for any help <IMG style="VERTICAL-ALIGN: middle" alt="" src="http://forum.combatace.com/style_emoticons/KOLOBOK/good.gif" border=0 emoid=""><BR><BR><BR><BR>"I'll see if I can replicate the problem when I get back home.<BR><BR>Can you post your system details, specially the graphics subsystem?<BR><BR>Also if you have the current patch installed and the current DirectX 9.0c<BR><BR> <BR><BR><BR>
  4. Thanks, yes I have signed up on the forum but had to wait for them to authorize which they did this morning. If you can move it there that would be helpful, but also leave it on this forum also? thanks so much
  5. Hi all, I just purchased and installed RAZBAM Wings Over Vietnam Photoreal Terrain . Instructions say, unzip, copy all files into the Wings Over Vietnam/Terrain/VietnamSEA Folder. I did that, they are all there, I can even click on the files and they show the photos (looks great), but when I play the game the terrain is not changed at all, just the stock terrain. I did have Deuces tile set befor but I deleated this. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated, is there some setting or config file to adjust.
  6. Iv'e flown CFS3, the IL-2 series (except the 1946), Pac Fighters and FS2002/2004. My first was "Chuck Yeager's Air Combat" (late eighties, with a 286 processor - things have changed ) which had a great playability, but the graphics were not so great.
  7. I installed the SKYModv1 by Polak (thanks ) but the graphics dont look as good as the screen shots provided here on the forum or in the zip file. Maybe I did it wrong? I unzipped the horizon files directly into the "flight folder" and have my graphics settings set to high. But the clouds are still very 2D and have a gridded "cotton ball" texture. Is it because these are horizon mods and do not change the close up clouds? as I said the screen shots are wonderful but it doesnt seam that I'm getting that effect. I have a Pent 4, with ATI 1950X 528meg card, 3 gigs of mem so I think my system is good enough
  8. I got WOV a few weeks ago and finally had time to install and add some of the popular MODs. I've been flying the "instant action" and single missions just to get the feel of the sim before I dive into a campaign. Even though the graphic are not at the level of something like Pac Fighters or MSFS, this is one of those sims that the quality of the play far out weighs the need for superior graphics (IMHO). I'm looking forward to playing this for a long time. Speaking of graphics, I added the sky mods by polak (thanks ). But are there any other mods to get a more 3d effect of the clouds and atmosphere?
  9. Well I did the 8.x patch and it works fine. I actually just did a reinstall then applied the patch. Thanks!
  10. For $12 you can get CAP SIMs F-104 from Aerosoft as a download for FS9. And I have to say, this plane is one of the best I have seen. I will post some screen shots. For the price it can not be beat and as I said, it is very well done. I highly recommend it for the price. Too bad you can't fly it in WOV!
  11. I'll do the version 8 patch. if all else fails I'll do a reinstall and start over- ug. I do have the lates Dir X
  12. Do you know if there is a way to uninstall the Weapons Pack?

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