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  1. I'd like to fly a Su 39. The Su 39 seems to be nonflyable in LoMAC and with a Su25 availible to fly may be an easy addon. Others already in the game I'd like to fly are the Su 30, Su 34, Su 25 UTG and the Su 24. It'd be great if you could also let the AI pilot the plane and be able fly as the WSO, RIO or a FAC in these, and the NATO F/A 18F, F-14D, F-16D or an OA-10. Additional addons could be the MV-22A, AN26, C-130J, Ka 27, SH-60, Ka 50 and 52, and the AH1W. Allof these too are included as currently nonflyable ( except the V-22). It would be great if you could select the side number of the aircraft you select to fly. Custom or Actual Nose art would be another possibility. This sim has a great many possibilities. I hope the developers are able to offer addons or give access to the hackers that are much more computer talented than me.

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