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  1. Do we have a realease date yet for this new masterpiece??
  2. Whats your PC spec?? im not sure at all how buying lock on gold (that i have) or any other version would fair. But Lock on gold as far as im aware has the latest install of lockon PLUS the additional FLAMING CLIFFS addon/extras. Works fine on mine running vista. but to b sure see if you can get hold of an earlier lock on release. if that dont work i ant a clue, some of the admin guys on here are up on the wizardry or pcs so id wait for a reply off one of them. Good luck buddy.

    Any probs with these try this, http://freefalcon.com/forum/view_topic.php...amp;forum_id=25 they are all on there too. PLus loadsa links for other installs for RV, cockpits, sounds clouds etc...

    heres the link i got my red viper from http://www.acealpha.com/new/jaryoo/content...amp;startpage=1 downloaded that then down loaded http://www.falcon5.nl/download/patches/rv/...x1_1.0.0.3c.zip then http://www.mediafire.com/?dddad0w3d1d Hope these work for you... Ste

    ive applied RV over AF and its seems to work fine, ive not played it for more than 5minutes, as im currently on LOMAC, and the grapgics are jus too good toleave... i was however told that the graphics in red viper were much better than allied force, and not too far off from LOMAC, but i cant see it at all myself, looks like the same old allied force graphics. But yes no problems so far however like i said, ive only played it for 5 minutes. Stevo
  6. Red Viper, Vista and Black Screen

    Cheers, i broke my ankle a year ago an spent a month learnin the proper takeoff procedure so i got some way to go before i start flyin onlin anyway, but iv heard lots of good things about red viper! Ill get downloading soon. cheers
  7. Red Viper, Vista and Black Screen

    Ok ive looked everywhere and cant find a download for Red Viper. ive heard it might be known as free falcon? im just not sure, could anyone provide a link to download RV. I stuck grrr.
  8. Ye ive always had the problems with flight sims of following ppl once they eave my feild of view. i try to use the hat switch but its akward and not very accurate. Ive invested in the TrackIR4 PRO now, £80. Few weeks ill b lookin at gettin online. Cheers for the advice Jedi Master.
  9. Flight Equipment

    Stupid me didnt see the forum fo game controllers so sorry bout that. But ta for all the replies all the same. Well ive done it. Splashed out on the X52PRO and PRO Rudder Pedals. i no ill be recieveing it tomo, but does any1 know of the comparrison between the TM cougar and X52? ive read the cougar has high resistance, ie strong springs, is this the case for the X52PRO??
  10. WOE Flight stick recommendation?

    Guys what is recomended between teh HOTAS Cougar and the X52 or X52pro??? and which pedals should one get, caus in all honesty you cant fly properly without rudder control can you!!! Budget isnt too much of a problem, So the cougar and the saitek pro pedals were my first though, can get them together for about £190 - £230. But i wanna get it right. im on a crappy sidewinder precision pro at the mo. makes its awful for refueling. tiny adjusments are non existent with this stick. cheers. Stevo
  11. Recommended then?? im lookin at getting this as i play the ArmedAssault and LOMAC and F4. Plus im tryin to find the game controllers forum on here but cant! help any1. Stevo
  12. Flight Equipment

    Hey guys. Im looking at getting some decent equipment for use with my flightsimes. LockOn and Falcon 4.0 For the joystick im looking at the HOTAS COUGAR, however i have no idea about a decent set of rudder pedals. PLEASE HELP. Cheers chaps. Stevo
  13. just installed patch 1.1b and all works fine now. wohoooo. This game is gorgeous
  14. Hey guys, some of the moderators may have seen me post a few time on WOE forums, but ive played this game an its AWESOME!!! graphics are amazing. Just upgraded to Lock On Gold, and im running vista, any1 no y im not getting any voice over commands on my training missions?? Cheers. Is it easy to do the flying online thing with others??
  15. Cheers for the lead on the Vista side of things with WOE. Cant believe that it cost like 20billion or somehthing stupid like that and yet is is FULL of compatability probs for games and older software. I have the joy of finding out, ill let y'all know how it goes here in this forum once i get WOE installed. Until friday amigos!! "until the fat lady sings"

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