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    Very annoying . What's the purpose ?
  2. Not able to Download Files, but always was able.

    Doesn't make sense .
  3. Framerate Issues

    The Horizon setting seems to be the culprit . I changed the setting to ‘near ‘ and left all other settings at ‘high ‘. I am now running mid 20’s fps with cockpit at medium ,and mid 30’s without cockpit. Thanks to everyone for your feedback and tips . This sim is now flyable !
  4. Having some serious FPS issues with this sim. My graphics setting are all on 'high' , horizon set at 'normal' , lensflare and shadows 'off '. With these settings , on the runway , I'm getting 8-9 fps with the cockpit and 10-11 without the cockpit . By comparison, both WOV and WOE are at high 30's with cockpit and high 40's without, using the same graphics options. Any help or tips would appreciated. Thanks My specs : P4 2.4Ghz , 1G ram , Ge6600 GT 128mb 91.31 drivers

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