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  1. Flanker 2.5 sucks for Joystick

    Cougar works perfect for it. Before my Cougar, I couldn't get dick done on it, and that was a F-16 combat stick and Hotas. Cougar has worked great, CD even provides a Flanker 2.5 set up. Just d/l to device and ready to go.
  2. Flanker 2.5 sucks for Joystick

    Buy a Cougar? :D
  3. Good luck, just remember that nvidia drivers can be wierd. With the glasses supported drivers, I think you can apply them with your existing drivers. If not, just uninstall the current drivers and install the glasses supported drivers. After installing, look in your video preferences and look for the tab to tweak your glasses. I got the wired glasses, cause I had the non wired glasses before, and they are too fragile.
  4. The company that makes the "3-D" glasses, not Edimentional but the ones that make those particular glasses, has an absolutely terrible interface. There should be some program AND the Nvidia drivers at the Edimentional site. You may have to do a google.
  5. Get it at www.nvidia.com, and look in the driver section for the 3-D glasses supported drivers. They are the most update. I use the nvidia drivers because it gives you a seperate tab on your video preferences that lets you tweak your glasses for each resolution seperately. I also set up my hot keys there for tweaking the 3-d seperation in game. Some games are preset, but I don't thnk SF is. You have to tweak in game a little to make sure you have it at what you are comfy with.
  6. Sorry, I think the Track IR is lame. See my review of the glasses, tho, here at Ranger's post. Why have track IR when you have a HOTAS? Why move your head, when the hats do it for you?
  7. Ranger, I have had these glasses for quite a while. let me give it a try too. First, I don't use the drivers or programs that come with the glasses. Go to Edimensoinal and get their prgrams and go to Nvidia for their drivers. Things will go much better. Anyhoo, after you set them up, if you use them for Strike Fighters, heres what you will get. An INCREDIBLE 3-D experience. Strike Fighters is made using major 3d components, and this shows up very very well. I would have to say that MFS 2002, Janes WWII Fighters, Falcon 4 and Strike Fighters are the best flight sims out there for the 3-D glasses. The instrument panels individual dials stick out, the canopy frames give really good depth, and the canopy reflections give you a sensation of being surrounded by Persplex. Smoke has depth, as does other planes you are chasing. Now, the downside. 3-D glasses, because of the drivers they use, are a MAJOR frames per second hit. Look to get half or a little more than half the fps that you would normally get. On some systems, it will become a slide show, on upper end systems you might be ok. OK, personally, I have taken off my 3-D drivers and gone back to the 41.09, which don't support 3-d. If I was going to a con, then I might put them back on to show off, but for day to day flying, I don't use them, because I like to use higher resolutions. In all, a great sensation, just make sure you have a system that can handle them and still run smoothly in higher resolutions.

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