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  1. Ditto on everything Bernard said. And what was it, maybe a month or less ago that the subject was first broached about some sort of training range? And to think I suggested "take off, and bomb and straff your own airfield". As Bernard said, the easy install was especially appreciated! Thanks to all involved. My only very minor concern is with all the excellent mods and addons, will we have to reinstall everything after patch 2?
  2. This is a known issue that hopefully will be addressed in patch 2.
  3. I sure hate to jump on the conspiracy thoerist's bandwagon but something stinks to high heaven here. The only things I ever download are Strike Fighter mods and I had my whole hard drive overwritten by a virus or worm about a month ago. Heads will roll!! :evil:
  4. The gear/canopy mod does indeed provide the animation of the canopy and nosegear, but the aircraft still doesn't turn properly in easy mode. Until this is addressed Brummy try flying in normal mode. It's really not that difficult to get the hang of.
  5. Did you change your flight model settings in the options menu to "normal" or "hard"? If so and it still doesn't work I guess I don't know what your problem is. I know for a fact that the "easy" mode will not allow effective nosegear operation. Snapple, I've had numerous computer rig problems both hardware and software but I'm still around. I vowed not to try online simming until the issues are worked out. It was just too frustrating for me. That said I still fly offline regularly and despite the game's shortcomings, I still love it! Yeah guys I said it, I love it!! :)
  6. Steering your aircraft on the ground does indeed work. You may have to be in normal or hard flight model though. I frequently will land and taxi around the airfield for another takeoff. There's also a utility that enables the animation for the nosegear. So you'll actually see the nosegear turning. Really cool effect in conjunction with the animated open/close cockpit. Adds another level of realism.
  7. I haven't noticed any "otherworldly" behavior such as warping to the target. They will immediately(if they do at all) respond to your order to attack. If you give the order, and start your attack first, you shouldn't see them reach the target before you do. Unless of course your approach to the target is less than direct.
  8. Could you be a little bit more specific about the AI behavior? What exactly do you mean by "disappear"?
  9. Videos

    I do believe that there are a couple of SP1 videos available for download on the Biohaz download section.
  10. I'm having the same problem as Jaeger. As I increase throttle on the runway, she suddenly turns sideways, then takes off!! Wierd man!
  11. There are no bombing aids. It just takes practice, lots of it! There is a tutorial here or at SimHq from Andy Bush on bombing.
  12. I did a search on "effects" at SIMHQ and found this. Could this be what you're looking for? Kid Galahad Member Member # 7737 posted February 01, 2003 19:29 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THESE EFFECTS ARE DESIGNED FOR HIGH END SYSTEMS. A mid-ranged PIII system may experience very slow framerates under certain conditions. These unofficial effects are a work in progress. If you have any ideas, complaints, etc, please feel free to post them SimHQ board or email blade124@flightperformancedata.com. These effects include very smokey battlefields, more complex rocket explosions, and improved SAM launch effects. If there are many people out there with PIII systems that find these effects to be too demanding (specifically with more smoke on the battlefields, long strafing runs, and multiple rocket strikes), let me know and I'll make a separate pack for mid-ranged systems - it's not a problem. DOWNLOAD THEM HERE: http://www.flightperformancedata.com/sf/fi...ial_Effects.zip VIDEO OF NEW SAM EFFECTS: http://www.flightperformancedata.com/sf/movies/sa2.wmv Scott "Blade124" Gentile [This message has been edited by Blade124 (edited 02-01-2003).] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Registered
  13. Your flght should form on you as soon as they get airborne. If you go hell's bell's to the target they may never catch up with you in time! When you get airborne and at a reasonable altitude, reduce your airspeed give your wingies a chance to get to you.
  14. Sorry about that but I thought there was a mod for explosions, flames et. al.? I distinctly remember loading it! Was I dreaming? I'll have to check my home gear (when it's operational again, of course!) and get back with you on this. Surely someone else may remember a mod for enhanced effects?

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