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  1. Hello everyone, I`ve been flying in Lock On for quite some time now and have always been irritated by the fact that the pilots in my german version of the game have been talking in german (irrelevant what country they are flying on). I`ve now heard, that it is possible to take the files from ...\LockOn\Sounds\EnglishVersion (where the speech files are located) and replace the speech files of the english and russian pilots to get english talking pilots. My question now is, does anyone know where to get those files (maybe if I ask Ubisoft - even so i doubt that) or could anyone upload these files if the copyright allows it? Thanks for help, Janus
  2. Hello everyone, I have been trying to add new planes to my current instalation of Wings over Europe, but the new weapons of the aircraft won`t show up, because my PC is unabled to launch the Weapon Editor for some reason... do I have to change any lines in the Weapon Editor .ini? Thought that way because it is pointing towards locations that are non existant on my hard drive. Thanks for help everyone

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