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  1. I have installed the weather mod, maybe it is just a begining of a campaign thing. I am flying WOV, sorry for forgeting to mention that. :slow(en): I will try the edit of the .ini file, sounds like that should work. Thanks.
  2. I only fly the Thud. Any other ideas?
  3. That is exactly what I did to get back the 6 M117's the Thud can carry on the centerline. Just change the max weight on that plylon to 3100 lbs.
  4. I have the latest patches installed with the new clouds. However, when I start a campaign all I get are clear days, no clouds. I have gone through several missions and it is the same each time. Is there some .ini file I can modify to get some more weather in the game. PS: Everything works fine in the single mission mode. Thanks.
  5. That worked like a charm. Now I would like to add someother historically available weapons like the jammer pods. Do I just add lines for the items I want to be available? Thanks again.
  6. Thanks for sticking with me, but that file does not show up in that folder, only a file called Rolling Thunder. It has the first part of your list, but does not have any of the Supply[xxx] lines in it. Am I supposed to extract it from somewhere?
  7. That is exactly what I have. I am thinking this is a really wierd issue. Again, I have no problems in the signle mission mode as I can pick from the entire list of weapons, including the SEA tanks. But when you go to a campaign, there is only 6-7 different weapons instead of the 50+. Also, I tried doing the F-4C campaign and I got the whole weapon list instead of the 6-7 I got in the 105. Any ideas?
  8. Still having this problem. Does this happen to anyone else? Please help
  9. I'm using the stock 105. I'll try the NATO thing.
  10. I tried the "save as" function to no avail. I am assuming you intend for me to save it as the same name. Anyone else have this problem? FYI, I am running the latest patch 7.10.06 with the July03 weapon pack.
  11. I am having a problem with not being able to pick the same weapons that show up in the single mission when I start a campaign. Specifically I am playing the RT camp w/ F105 and I want to use the SEA fuel tanks. They show up on the list to the left, but I can not choose them from the drop down menu. I have changed the FuelTank line in the data.ini file, and I have opened the weapon editor and opened each tank, clicked ok, then saved the weapondata.ini. Please help.
  12. That sounds incredible. Could you go into a little detail how some dummy like me can do this to my machine.
  13. Are there any other canopy opening mods out there other than the one in the file library. I would like one for the 105, A-6&8. Any help is appreciated. ;)

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