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  1. Im sure someone can help but i am happy to see the J-22 make it in finally. Nice work and Kudos! IL28
  2. Next airplane for OFF?

    Ummm, it sure could do 2 things better than the Fokker D.VII - Dive better and the fuselage was more rugged. In case i am mistaken the war has already been won and jockeying for each side to have a 'better' plane does nothing for historical accuracy. If you want the best plane download and install a FW190 (grin) into the game and i guarantee there will be nothing that can compete with it, otherwise, i will take some more historical A/C versus - my plane can beat up your plane ;) Sorry i couldnt resist ;) IL28
  3. Next airplane for OFF?

    Pfalz D.XII... It was built in much greater numbers than SS or D.VIII. I think a combo of N.28 and Pfalz D.XII would be a nice way to finish out the last year of the war. IL28
  4. Thanks but you must not have seen the sentence on my post where i said" I have tried a few of the files from the download area but nothing like those in the OFF Videos." IL28
  5. All, I would like to have those long lipped flames from my burning advesaries. I have tried a few of the files from the download area but nothing like those in the OFF Videos. Im talking LONG lipping flames.. Any thoughts from those who have tried to get those as well? Thanks in advance, IL28
  6. Any option to fix this issue would be better than the famous 'empty cockpit'. When i first bought this sim and i had seen an MT enemy cockpit i would free-look around the sky figuring the pilot jumped ala RB3D. Its too bad that all this time since that great sim we dont even have these few things in such a great series (First Wire sims) like; 1.) Pilot wounded sound (maybe unrealistic but very immersive) 2.) Slumped over / dead / wounded pilot 3.) Pilot jumping from flaming plane (maybe its in there but i havent seen it?) I love all the TK sims and just wish they had a few of these things IL28
  7. Pfalz D.III Skins

    Beautiful.. Absolutely wonderful... Please upload asap... Lastly, for the love of all that is Holy please make some Pfalz D.XII Skins for us!!!!!! Great Job, IL28
  8. Microsoft Aces Studio is Closed

    Well we really should not have expected much different from MS should we? When you look at the sales versus other PC games and Consoles there isnt much reason to pour resources into it... On the bright side at least there is a very advanced consumer flight sim made by a man who does it for 'love of sim' and that would be X-plane. It has always amazed me what an essentially one man operation could do... but then again look at TK...
  9. Boopidoo, Thanks for giving the "Red" aircraft some much needed attention. Although new to the forum and the game i am not to flight sims or even online multiplayer flight sims (i started with Air Warrior in 1990 on a 2400 Baud modem on the GEnie network at an hourly charge..Dear Lord you should have seen the CC bills). Thanks for the dedication in this. It is much appreciated. So when you are done with Ver 1.1 then go here and find a whole new project for us 'agressors'........(see below) The IL-28 Pit http://www.lindenhillimports.com/il-28cockpit.htm (Grin).... NC

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