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  1. i think i beat you. About 80% of my shot downs are from ground fire. i can't seem to avoid those Surface to Air missles.
  2. Hi. i have a issue i can't figure out can someone help? i downloaded the Sea Harrier FRS Mk 51 Addon from this site and while the aircraft loads and flys without question the game tells me right away mission complete. i search the area and can't find a single enemy. i have zero experience with modding so i wasn't sure if there was a basic step i overlooked or don't know about. any ideas? please and thank you.
  3. mildy of topic but still multi related. what happens if you try play an online match with a modded plane will the game allowit if the host doesn't have it on his/her computer. Will it crash the session or give you the invisable plane visable pilot setup? or a long story short should i even try planing moded plane online or stick to the game's stock set? .

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