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  1. Wait im curious, when did Australia have to face the SU-30? Last i had seen, I dont belive they are at war with anyone are they?
  2. Hi, I been trying to test the game out on multiplayer and come to find out I guess the game does not have servers of it's own, its running onthe old tcp/icp thingy. So that mean none has played this online? P.S I was being facetious on the "does it hve multiplayer" I just wanna know how everyone is is playing the game online.
  3. Hi!, New to SF 1

    Im playing Strikefighters 1, found ,installed it patches on the website.
  4. Hi!, New to SF 1

    Not sure how I would go about changing it, but all in do time im sure, but on a more serious topic can One of you kind Aces post any "how to fly well" guides? lol I start my missions on 0-throttle but i swear once i raise it to 1% my plane get some kind of drag going and i cant pull up. Really dig the game though im so newb.
  5. I was curious are if were to start downloading soviet aircraft to fly, would the game recongnise this and have me hunting F-4s or would I be in a Mig hunt A Mig? P.S just got the game today so still kinda new to the in-and-outs of it all.

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