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  1. After reinstaling WoV and then the Sept patch I was getting the flickering water problem. I used the ini fix which solved the flickering but now I have a dark blue jagged edge around the coast which I can not get rid of. It goes back to normal when I fly close to the coast and appears again as I pass it. Tried to upload a screen shot to Imageshack but it was too big and I dont know how to resize them. Anyone else having this problem? Ta Sal
  2. I share your frustration and have been watching this thread hoping for a fix. I have installed the Korea mod on a install of WoE and am missing the aircraft carriers and for me also airfields. I guess we are missing these objects from SF1 as WoE must not have them. Does anyone know if we can get this working? tA Sal
  3. I installed a fresh copy of WoI and patched it before adding the campaigns again from Pancho. I think the patch has done something to them and I hope Pancho is on it and fixing as we speak. They worked fine before the patch. Ta Sal
  4. This is happening with all of Pancho's WoI campaign add ons. I guess he needs to update them to run with the patch. Ta Sal
  5. I have an install of both WoV and YAP. Looks like I will have a long night ahead of me when the patches come out then. Ta Sal
  6. I have patched my installs of WoI and FE and Im guessing patches are due for WoV & WoE as well to bring them up to Israel standards. I have recently bought YAP and the first 2 mission packs which to a newcomer to the Wings series was a bit of a job to set up. Will I have to start from scratch with my YAP stuff and patch a new install of WoV and re install all the YAP stuff? It took me ages to set up and Im sh!ting meself having to go through it all again. Im also dreading having to do my modded installs such as Vietnam 1984 and NATO 1 & 2. Ta Sal
  7. EF-2000

    Great add on thanks. I have installed to my copy of WoE. I can fly it in single missions and MP but I cant seem to use it in a campaign. Is there something I have to do to enable this? Ta Sal
  8. Is there a plan to release all of the YAP missions 1 - 100, including the first one with the objects ect as a single pack? I would be interested in this especially if the price was right. Ta Sal
  9. Its only the airfields in France. It doesnt really matter as Im having a blast with the game and although it would be nice to fix its no game breaker for me. Im running it on a install of WoE which prob doesnt help. Ta Sal
  10. Thanks for all your help. All the runways in France are white but I will just put up with it. I have downloaded the effects and installed and they are working great and I am using the RAF sound pack which is great also. I have messed around with the pilots ini and he doesnt stick his head out the cockpit anymore which is cool. I only bought WoI a few weeks ago and have also bought WoE, WoV and FE's since. What with all the mods I now have 10 installs of different versions of these games. The latest edition is the IranIraq campaign which I have also posted about as some things would not work. Apart from the Mig-25SD refusing to work in SP and the fact it doesnt have weapons in a campaign I have it sotred thanks to the help of this community. Thanks all Sal
  11. Thanks for the advise Wrench. I downloaded Polak's desert terrain and the game works great now. Tried a few missions and all seems well apart from one CTD. One question though. The terrain seems a lot higher in places than was meant for the default cloud height meaning that when starting at a runway high in the mountains the cloud level is at the same height which looks strange. Is there a way to increase the default cloud height to fix this? Ta Sal
  12. I have had to rename it: CatFile=..\IR\IR.cat as in the instructions it does say to rename the cat file to IR. I now have airfields with runways but still no textures on the ground. Could it be something else I am missing here? All I need now are those textures and I'm good to go. Ta Sal
  13. I am trying to get this to work with an install of WoE and tbh I dont know what Im doing. I followed the instructions and all seemed fine until I loaded a campaign and there are no ground textures at all. No runways either, nothing. If my flight contains 4 planes they all occupy the same spot and sometimes blow up. Is it possible to get this to work with WoE? If anyone could help me it would be much appreciated. Ta Sal
  14. Thanks for the quick reply Baltika. Fair enough about the tinted glass on the Spit although I would prefer it to be clear as I find targets hard to see as it is. I have changed the cat datathing as well although I dont have a clue why I had to do it lol. Could you explain that one plz? Oh and yes I installed the terrain and followed your instructions to the letter. Ok, I tried to put some screenshots on Imageshack but it doesnt want to play today so I will descibe as best I can some of the probs I have. 1. I have mentioned the white runways and as far as I can tell after a few hours play it only affects the runways in France. 2. Occasionally the pilots head will go through the cockpit in external view. 3. On engine start a sort of black bubble appears around the plane which disappears after a few seconds (Engine start smoke not drawing properly maybe?). 4. Dark/light squares on the water, especially when at height. 5. Flame effects on planes are not there as I have seen in screens, mine is more like a trail of sparks. Any ideas mate? I hate to do this as Im having a huge amount of fun playing your campaign and I must say thanks for all the hard work you must have put into this. Im also gateful for the inclusion of everything we need in the package. I have seen others in the download section I would love to have a go at but the thought of spending ages searching for and dowloading/installing aircraft, terrains ect puts me off. Its strange as some mods such as the NATO ones and Vietnam 1984 work perfectly and some I cannot get to work at all (IranIraq) and I think it could be down to the fact I'm just new to the series and still have lot to learn. Ta Sal
  15. I have just downloaded this pack and the terrain for it and installed to a fresh install of WoE as per the instructions. I have noticed a few things which I hope there are fixes for. 1. A lot of the runways are white with no textures. 2. Some of the canopy glass, for example the Spitfires front portion of glass where the gunsight is has a green colour and another has a blue tint. Does anyone know of fixes for these and other problems in this addon? Ta Sal

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