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  1. ...And make sure to standardize the addons used in addition to the mission. Mission A with stock terrain no addon is a lot different than Mission A with tiles repaint, tree mods and everything that eat FPS.
  2. This should get you max FPS with everything maxed out, 16xFSAA, 16xAF at 2560 x 1600... Core 2 Extreme/Quad, 3.0ghz, 1333mhz FSB, 12mb L2 cache, overclocked to 4ghz, liquid cooled 4GB Dual Channel DDR3 SDRAM/1333MHz ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2 CrossFireX / 2gb Oh, it should make a 5000$ hole in your budget too...
  3. I'm guessing this is because peeps with basic rigs adjust their graphic options accordingly and are happy with what they have (+/- 15 to 20 FPS), while the high-tech guys are disapointed to get only 20 fps with everything maxed out, 4xFSAA, 16xAF at 2560x1600
  4. More RAM will definitely help. More CPU would even be better but I understand you're on a laptop so it's a no-go for you. Sims in general are really hungry for CPU and RAM, I would place GPU at the end. From past experience, I've seen a lot more performance gain by adding more memory and upgrading the CPU than upgrading the video card... Just recently I upgraded my system. I didn't have enough cash to go the full core duo router upgrade, so I changed my cpu (P4 2.6ghz) to a P4 3.2ghz (+25% CPU) and changed my ram to a 2gb kit (previously had 1gb only). Then I bought an ATI HD2600xt 512mb DDR3. A budget upgrade. I received the video card in the mail before the rest of the component so I quickly installed it with the latest catalyst drivers (8.3) and started WoE... Wow, absolutely no FPS increase. I fiddled a bit with the card settings and all I could manage was to be able to play at 1600x1200 at the same speed I was playing 1280x1024 before, 20FPS on takeoff, +30 in the air. No shadows, no mirrors, no AF, no AA Then the CPU and RAM arrived... YEAH! 30fps on takeoff, +50 in the air at 1600x1200 4xFSAA, still no shadows and no mirrors I've experienced the same situations years ago with Janes F-18 when I switched from a GF3 to a GF6600gt, then switched from a p4 1.8 to a 2.6.
  5. Short update on this small project: What is is: A new CAT file editor tool -Read CAT files (obviously) *DONE* -Sort CAT content list by offset/name/size/file type *DONE* -Export 1, many (selected) or all files in CAT *DONE* -Choose export destination *DONE* -Import files to in CAT -Create/Merge CAT files -Edit text based files stored in CAT without the need to export/re-import them (i.e. INI, TXT, STR files) If anyone think about anything that would be useful, let me know. Cheers, iam P.S (If anyone is interested in testing this when it's ready, please drop me a PM)
  6. Flight Equipment

    I've read numerous time on Frugals (from F4 fanatics) that the Cougar is almost worthless without +150$ hardware mods... You might want to search about this (google or frugalsworld forums).
  7. I'm still new to the sim so I'm not sure if this is supposed to be accurate or work at all, but when using the radio and asking for "Vectore to nearest threat", how come I'm answered that there's no bandit in the area, but there's actually a bunch of enemy all around?
  8. Well, I've started something. I can read any CAT files (easy part done). Next I'm going to add "sorting" i.e Sort list of CAT files by name, size, offsets... Then will add the ability to extract. Features I'd like to get (and gathered from this thread if anyone want something specific) are: -Read CAT files (obviously) -Sort CAT content list by offset/name/size/file type -Export 1, many (selected) or all files in CAT -Import files to in CAT -Create CAT files -Edit text based files stored in CAT without the need to export/re-import them (i.e. INI, TXT, STR files) Cheers!
  9. I'm new to the sim myself and the advice the guys above posted are all good! Jump in and learn! In 3 days only I learned a lot. Reading the manual, although not very technical, really helps too. Having some basic knowledge of G force, corner speed, turn rate and such is good and help a lot too. Something I realized just last night when I tried older planes for the first time is, they are a lot more difficult to fly and fight with (obviously...) than say, the F-15. I'm currently learning to fight with the F-4 and ... hum, I have some difficulties. The radar is not as efficient and I have a hard time getting visuals on targets. So I would try the F-15 first if I were you, to get the feel of the game... then move to the dinosaurs :P 5 out of 6 times in the F-4, I blow up without knowing what hit me (I should start listening to the damn radio, constantly shouting "you got a bandit on your six"... ;) ) Doing a lot of free flight will help a lot too... Learning to fight in a jet is one thing, if you don't know how to fly it, you'll never be good at fighting (my opinion...) I love WoE, it's lite, doesn't require reading 2 bricks and knowing about every single switch in a cockpit (and highly modable, mods are great :D)... Cheers!
  10. Thanks for the info! I've looked at the CAT format and it seems to be a pretty basic binary data format... I might start my own CAT import/export/editor tool. If you or anyone else think it could be useful to have a CAT tool with more functionalities, let me know and what functionality you would like to see in there. But as I said, I will probably start a little project for myself, I like that kind of stuff and I've worked with bin data files before in other games so it shouldn't be *too hard*. Cheers!
  11. I'm certainly not the first one who does this but I extracted all files from objectdata.cat and by default it put them all in the WoE\Objects folder... what a mess, fortunately, I had a backup of my Objects folder so I knew which files were defautls. But I was wondering, isn't there a way to change the extract folder path? Or is there a better tool to work with CAT archives? I mean, SFP1E is nice, but unless I'm missing something, you can extract 1 or all files, not let's say all the A-10 files. Can't change extract path either I'm using SFP1E 1.0 from Check-Six by the way, I haven't found a newer release, not sure if there's one... Thanks for any tips !
  12. Thanks all for you replies! Coolhand, I've searched the Knowledge base sections but didn't find anything about that, the "Adding Campaign" section is empty as well. Could you elaborate on this, are you meaning that for every custom campaign, I copy make a fresh 900+ mb install? Thanks for the help.
  13. First of all Hi Guys! Totally new here, first post. Trying to get in to TW sims, been doing lot and I mean LOT of reading and I feel a little bit confused lost in all this SF/WoE/WoV/WoI world. Merged installs, WoV, WoE, mods, addons... wow, is there a lot of stuff involved or what (not that it's a bad thing, but I find it hard to digest ) Anyways, I have bought WoE and WoV and installed WoE only for the moment. It's great! A few years back I was mostly trying to fly Janes F-18 and F4 but had to stop as it demanded too much time. WoE seemed a little easier/less hardcore and my first impression was really a good one! I know there aren't any carriers in WoE but read there was in WoV. I also saw and downloaded some pretty nice F-18/F-14 models on Column5's website. Now, I'd love to fly those planes from a carrier, even better, play a campaign involving carrier takeoffs/traps. So, are there any custom campaigns with that? And are there any "modern" carrier model anywhere? Also, how are the carrier ops in WoV, is it pretty basic? It's probably not as deep as in Janes but I have a thing for those ships and their planes :yes: Anyways, thanks for helping and looking forward to bug you all with more questions later!

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