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  1. Here's a question? I wonder if Hitory will be looking at skinning these's just like the F-14's. Cause if he does, I won't be able to get away from my computer ever again! OMG the "NEW" guy, Brian
  2. His wasn't really a cannon fodder paint tho. The top of his was painted white with brown on bottom. I want to say that the lower half of the cockpit section was also brown. check the pics. Yes it's the toy but the color difference is there. Also THANK YOU so much for the awesome paints of the VF-1's, I had to reinstall WOV/WOE to enjoy these (still recovering from HD failure).
  3. This is not a compaint, just a question and a concern! I see the cannon fodder paint...but where is Ben Dixons. You have the rest of vermillion squadron. Why does everybody always forget about Ben. He was my all time favorite even though he got killed shortly after he arrived.
  4. You know Star Wars was what got me into sci-fi to begin with. From there I got into sci-fi anime with Macross/Robotech. The aircraft models are what drew me in so easily. As for Yukikaze, the Sylph is still my favorite and the mave a close second. I just wish we could model the FM so you could fly backwards and shot down enemy missles while flying down a canyon. As with with any anime fan, I would like to see a valkrye in ais to air combat, maybe even somehing from macross plus. VF-19 or VF-21! An X-wing can fly in atmossphere from it's thrust and profile lift alone. yes profile lift, lift attributed to the shape of the body. Only problem with a Star Wars mod would be TIE fighters they have no lifting surfaces at all. Thought I'd share my two cents Brian
  5. Speed and Angels

    Same here, this documentary is awesome. My favorite part was when they're doing trap qualifications and you see the guys eyes go wide as he approaches the deck. Really sweet watch, would recommend it to all aviation junkies.

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