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  1. Second Question. If I retain the same IP, yet change the port # to an open one- will it allow me to connect to the server?
  2. Hello! Now that I've gotten through the basics of flying- I'm looking for someone to fly with. However- I have one rather large problem. I cannot use Hyperlobby. Why you ask? The router I go through has no ports forwarded? Will this change? No. Thus, two questions: 1) Is there a way around port forwarding so that Hyperlobby will work. 2) If not- is anyone willing to find another way (say Hamachi) to fly with me. Currently, I do not have Flaming Cliffs, but am attempting to aquire it. Thank you in advance.
  3. Now that I have my profile semi-setup...who wants to fly with the rookie! Or knows of people who may want to! Either or works great!
  4. Let me start by saying hello. "Hello." I was playing PF a while back and though I'd install Lock On. So far- quite fun. Then my Wingman Digital Extreme broke. I went out and got myself a shiny X52 (not Pro). I'm now running into issue after issue- the first being: How in the world does this thing function properly? Ignoring the technical issues- does anyone have any advice (and/or profile) they could share with me, since the old .dat profiles don't seem to work? There are so many different buttons that I'm rather lost...any help would be appreciated. Finally, going on the assumption that my foray into the world of jets isn't short lived- I'd be more than happy to fly with anyone willing to take a ah- whats the world? Nugget? Under thier wing. Thank you in advance. PS: I don't have Flaming Cliffs...yet.

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