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  1. F-51

    Thanks for everyone's help. I finally found one that worked, P-51 Addon v2.0.
  2. F-51

    I was wondering if there was ever a fix for the F-51 attitude indicator? Thanks.
  3. swisher, Tried it as you directed and everything works great. Thank you so much, I couldn't have done it without your help. Since I'm still new to this I have another question. Is there anyway to eliminate the flight info box in the lower left corner and the text at the bottom whenever something happens, for example, gear up/down or airbrakes extended/retracted? Thanks again for your help and thanks for the heads up on the replacement menu. I'll have to check it out.
  4. Will the Korean War Mod still work if I patch it to 08.30.06? In the read me it states to be patched to SP3.2.
  5. Well I installed the Weapons Pack 03-JUL-06 using the self installer and now the game won't even load. I get a "Strike Fighters: Project 1 has encountered a problem and needs to close." message. I did read that the weapon and gun editors need to be in Win 98 comptability mode to work on Windows XP, which is what I'm using. I did this, and they open to their respective windows but the game still won't load now. Looking forward to any help for this. Thanks much.
  6. Thank you for the information. I saw all the different weapons packs but didn't know which one of them to use. I have downloaded the 03-JUL-06 and will install. Thanks again.
  7. I have just recently purchased Strike Eagles Project 1 so that I could use the Korean War mod. Everything has gone well except with the issue of the Weapons Pack. I take it that this is a seperate entity and is needed to have the drop tanks for the F-86 as well as other weapons available. I have patched the sim to v3.2 like the mod says, but I am not familiar with which version of the Weapons Pack to use. I have also read about a Weapons Editor and I am unclear if it comes with the Weapons Pack or is separate. I have been searching the forums for any topics relating to this but after 2 days I'm still at a loss. The more I read the more confused I've become. If anyone can lend their assistance it would be greatly appreciated.
  8. JSGME is a very common tool used in the Silent Hunter submarime sim games starting with Silent Hunter 3. I've used it for years and can tell you that you can have an unlimited amount of mods regardless of size without any ill effects. It's a great tool and very useful. You can add or remove mods as needed and can always return to an unmodded game whenever you want. Gus
  9. I was wondering if it is possible to obtain just the changes that were made to the Effects.xml file for this and also for the "Realistic Tracers and Effects - effectswithtracers" mod that you made. I have already made numerous edits to the Effects.xml file for other mods and trying to make those changes to yours will be quite difficult if not impossible. I really would like to use both of these mods and am looking forward to implementing them. Thanks very much. Gus
  10. Thanks. I guess I have some homework to do.
  11. Is there any info on how to modify the cockpit layout of the aircraft? I want to try and change the cockpit of the Camel to better reflect the actual cockpit, move some things around, add some items, etc. Thanks for any help. Gus

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