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  1. Strike Fighters 2: Crisis in the Med

    I (and a lot of old SF2 entusiasts, i believe) was searching for a SF2 sucessor but this tipe of gae engine is irrepleaceable till now, hope one day we have a multiplayer. But just to resume: if you like SF2 and navy like environment THIS IS A MUST HAVE PACK. The word excelent is few to say about what this guys have done here. The hornet is just so nice. Hope one day we can do some more modern environment like European in the 80's and 90's decade. Like Mirage 2000, F-5, F-15, F-16, MirageIII, Tornados, Starfighters, Clemenceau and Foch, Etendards, French crusaders, jaguars, that old european theater plus us navy atlantic fleet, etc. (cause I have almost all this aircrafts, scenarios and etc, but make this kind of art, adjustments, create campaigns, pack it all) And if you go more deep and do all historic search about sqdns and airbases, stations, etc. is a lot more time spending. I know how time its spended in this kind of work and again congratulations to all this team who made an excellent work and made it free to us all. If you people have a webpage about your projects will be nice. Sorry about poor english.
  2. Wov Top Gun

    This screenshot was made in Wings Over Vietnam: During Carrier Practice Interception mission (F-14D (I)) my tomcat run out of missiles and then I think "Maybe I can do inverted above the enemy like Maverick did in the first dogfight scene of the Top Gun movie". As magic I was at the speed and altitude comfortably to do the maneuver. \o/ As you can see in the second picture my wingman begin to fire (look at the bullet trace between our planes) and shotdown the Mig-21. Do anyone have seen this before? If anyone have such thing post to people see. Sorry about my poor english. :D

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