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  1. Fairstrike Tests

    hi, guys. it is released, in europe, got it last week from amazon.de for ca 45$. first test was disappointing on my 1,6GHz AMD, R9000, frame rate was 3/s, poor. matched recommended nominal system reqs on w2k with latest drivers and patches. asked support, gave them 7 days, then it will return to amazon, im no beta tester. btw, the 2 cd are with a new unknown copy protection, leading to incompatibillities to some cd/DVD drives. got problems with my liteon -dvd :[[ . youre good on patching up your drives firmware evty. I fear You need a 3 GHz P4, Radeon 9700, 1GB RAM Class Machine to run it. Many THx to Micro$oft :[[ . Soon back to eech... I migrated to linux 2.4. lately, cause ive been fed up with ms crap the last years. Does anyone know about progress of the eech linux-port, it must be great to play it on a SUN RISC SPARC station ;) ? Y tom P.S. Dont forget to vote against tcpa/palladium drm, if you love your freedom!

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