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  1. On mission 6 of the Su-27 campaign entitled "Escort anti-ship strike", the briefing says that I have to "escort a flight of Su-30 strike fighters to sink the Perry". I eventually completed it after meeting heavy resistance; destroying all the enemy bandits and allowing the 2 Su-30s to bomb the Perry. Once I saw that the Perry was on fire and that all bandits had been killed I flew back to base and landed. I then quit and saved on the debriefing screen, but when I exited and went to the campaign screen, it said I hadn't completed it yet! I don't wanna have to go through dodging all those damn AIM-120C missiles again and find out that I didn't complete the mission again, so is there anything that I missed out that I was supposed to do? One thing to note is that 1 of the Su-30s was shot down, but between the 2 of them they still managed to destroy the Perry. Are both of the Su-30s supposed to survive? Thanks guys.
  2. People say that the best aircraft in LOMAC is the F-15, and I think in real life the Su-27 is supposed to be better than the F-15 (at least in a dogfight). So I don't know where you got your info from. And no I'm not Russain, so I'm not being biased :P
  3. Whenever I try and load a saved game, once it's gotten into the world, I unpause it and wait for a bit. The first time I tried this the game "un-hung" (is that even a proper word?) after about a minute and I could play on perfectly, but the second time I tried this I waited for about 3 minutes and nothing happened. I know that it's a know issue that saves don't work in 1.00/1.01/1.02. But I find it weird that my saved game DID actually work after waiting for a bit. So maybe the trick is to just wait it out? Has anyone else done what I do and had their saves load properly? Or was that just a lucky one off?
  4. LOMAC is way too difficult for me. I haven't even passed a single mission, let alone survive a dogfight. So I think I'm gonna give up on it and try out Wings over Europe. How different are the 2 from each other? Is it actually possible to evade a missile in WoE?
  5. I just can't manage to stay alive! If a missile locks on to me I try evade it but ALWAYS get hit. So pretty much the moment an enemy missile is launched at me I know it's game over. I played it for about 4 days, and did all the tutorials, but after not being able to get any kills against enemy bandits in that time, and dieing about 50 times, I just gave up. I love the game but it's just too damn difficult to be any fun...
  6. What is a dynamic campaign anyway?

    I'm always hearing the word "dynamic campaign" when it comes to combat sims. So what exactly is a dynamic campaign. Sounds interesting but thats all I know so far
  7. http://www.gamerankings.com/htmlpages2/933...?q=wings%20over http://www.gamerankings.com/htmlpages2/925...?q=wings%20over http://www.gamerankings.com/htmlpages2/524283.asp Do you think it's because of the big learning curve? Just curious.

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