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  1. nbsp; grr by rights this should have worked :/ can't work out the code for it. though the news artical is intresting watch.
  2. FSX worked, now not

    Hrmm weird, I'm running FSX with SP2 installed with out any problems, first off mind if I ask some question (I've done tech support before ;) ) 1. When was the last time you updated Direct X 9? while it might say 9C or what ever as pointed out by a lot they do update it with out increasing the number on it, so you may need to update DX. 2. When you say nothing has changed you mean no hardware changes right? Is it possible that you need a driver update? 3. What are your system specs?
  3. .INI Tweaks and Changes

    Thanks for these I've been playing with them and some are really useful :-) just a quick question wouldn't it be easier to put anything to do with code in the code brackets ie bunch of information including [] and the like [red] more information etc. so [code] and the /code version = friends :-) might also make it easier to work out what is what in a post ;)

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