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  1. First Eagles?

    yep i got it yesterday...i upgraded everything with the ususal patches, addon planes,campaigns, missions, new terrain etc etc etc...and it looks and plays great...as it comes its pretty ugly terrain and daft cotton wool clouds but after all the trimming and grooming it looks very good..... My ideal wish would of course be a ww1 conversion of the new and upcoming oleg maddoxs Battle of Britain storm of war engine lol....Ahhh...thats a nice thought!
  2. Just checked the screens and O.F.F. Phase 3 looks just like mutton..tarted up....some nice planes and models but nothing to get excited about..............even the intro screens remind me of cfs3...i guess its just the price tag that will swing this one.....if it was a free conclusion to the other two then ..wow great awesome job!!..but $50 for this is just too much in my mind.........i nver liked cfs3 and although OFF brethed some life back into the engine phase 3 just looks like the other two...i guess there is more under the bonnet..but looking at it i dont think i will be bothering...
  3. i am a bit concerned like another poster here that this sim is still using the old cfs3 engine (plus i havnt got my old cfs3 cds anymore!)...so when compared to say oleg maddoxs new upcoming release Battle of Britain... which will no doubt be miles ahead in graphics and other features and be similarly bangs for bucks priced (althogh its ww2 of course!) i think what started out as a freeware build with enthusiasts may have just jumped on the commercial bandwagon.......then again it may be a worthy sim..i haven't even seen any screens yet if anyone knows of any please show me a link me to them... I did try the other patches for cfs3 that the conversion O.F.F. offered and they were a good freeware addition to what was a flopped and dead engine! and at the time it did breath new life into the cfs3 engine...whether the latest is up to 2009 expectations i will wait and see.... I suppose considering the cost of just ONE addon for say FSX or fs9 can be $35-40, then if this is a total professional conversion with all the planes and extras etc then it may just be worth all the effort and the 50 bucks! Then again no matter how you tart this old piece of mutton up...it will never be Lamb! (and oleg maddox sim is lamb with mint sauce and all the trimmings!)...and ....also when looking at the freeware stuff out there at the mo like the addons for Thirdwire fsim First Eagles The Great War 1918 sim...(yes its basic but it gets the job done!) this tarted up piece of old mutton better be wairing all her sexy gear and high heeled shoes if shes to win joe public over!
  4. FS-WWI Plane Pack 5 Released!

    Hi guys i still have my old cd in my garden shed lol...any screen shots yet to see what all this hair tearing out has been about lol....Thanks ....
  5. Awesome......i cant wait...i just cant believe all the addons available since i last had internet access.....the guys who make these addons are all genius material and should be given some sort of medal to acknowledge their contibution to our hobby, since i hav got back on the net i have been amazed at the new planes and other addons, i use microsoft Fsx regularly but that sim doesnt model true vertical take off and landing like W.O.V. Series does! to be honest i must have that many planes in my wov hanger it looks more like an aviation museum!!!.............thanx guys and roll on the bounder and the M-4 Bison too!...........i know the bounder was a prototype but it looks awesome....like a huge hustler!
  6. Hi just wondering if anyone knows if there is a M-50 / M-52, Myasichev 'Bounder' for w.o.v./project strike fighters? Thanx.

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