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  1. dont just look, comment. IT MAKES ME ANGRY WHEN I ONLY GET 2 COMMENTS AND 43 VIEWS! I downloaded some patches, and now PF wont run.
  2. i downloaded the 4.04 patch and it messed up my computer. So i tryed doawnloading all of them, now it wont let me dowload any?HELP, SOS, NEED SUPPORT
  3. Ok, i cant get LOMAC to stay at setting "joystick". oh if u are woundering its a logitech extreme 3d pro. i need help!
  4. password problems

    this is what they say "You can request to be added to the user's list by sending an e-mail but there are no guarantees you will get access. We are no longer producing public use Freeware models."
  5. password problems

    thanks, none of the people seem to like me.
  6. Anyone up for new menu screens?

    Ok, fine say it to a 8 year OLD! mister "blackhorn1x".
  7. Ok I when't to http://cplengineeringllc.com/SFP1/ and tryed to download the planes, but it needed a username and password. anyone have this problem?
  8. WW1 Aircraft Encyclopedia

    It says " username" then "password".
  9. WW1 Aircraft Encyclopedia

    Ok i tryed but it neededs some sort of password?
  10. WW1 Aircraft Encyclopedia

    Thanks so much. Sopwiths have always been my fav.!
  11. Anyone up for new menu screens?

    Ok, I have a qustion, can someone plz put some sopwiths in the sopwith folder?
  12. WW1 Aircraft Encyclopedia

    Ok, I have a qustion, can someone plz put some sopwiths in the sopwith folder?

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