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  1. I have a little problem. I tried installing both this mod and the original widesky mod by Cellinsky, as well as editing the enviromentsystem.ini file, and I can't change the color of the sky in pretty much any time other than "Noon" and "Night"... I guess it's something with my game settings, but I can't figure out what... I have WoE,v8.30.6.3
  2. I see... well that's too bad :/ I guess laser designator/camera pod won't work either (I tried, it didn't work - I'm asking to make sure I didn't do something wrong) Thanks for reply Over and Out
  3. Hello, Xoruam here again. Straight to the matter - I was playing around with avionics/visual targeting lately - I was thinking whether it would be possible to make the aircraft target ground targets in the same way that e.g. F-14A does with enemy airplanes. I don't know the correct name for this, but it appears as a little diamond shape on the HUD and stays locked on enemy aircraft as long as the aircraft is within the bounds of the HUD screen. I know it is possible to do by adding a SymbolType=TD_EO entry in ***_avionics.ini and using maverick to make the box appear, but I think it's a bit too roundabout way to do it... I wanted to do this to replace the game's default visual targeting box, so the it would only appear on the screen of the HUD instead of directly on top of the aircraft. So again, my question: Can I make the HUD track ground targets without having to carry Mavericks around? And if it's possible, then how? Over and Out.
  4. http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?autoc...p;showfile=8897 You mean this thing?
  5. That's OK. Thanks for trying anyway Anyone else maybe have some ideas?
  6. I did what you said, but either I got something wrong or You misunderstood. To begin with, neither of Cellinsky's mods (Weather_Mod and WideSkyv1.0) had viewlist.ini in the files - instead I downloaded This File. Now I decided to check it in the game, however the setting for F5 and F6 is a basic "camera on top of a plane" - and that I had no problem doing (simply making the ViewClass with ViewType=FIXED_VIEW, then repositioning the camera in the [viewxxx] part). But what i want is not a camera that is stiffly attached to the plane, but rather the little flexibility that SHOULDER_VIEW class has. Let's say it this way: You are flying in a plane, and suddenly pull up - while you hold the stick... "down", you can see a bit of the top of the plane, but when you let the stick go, the camera goes back to the back of the plane. The problem with SHOULDER_VIEW is that it's not centered on the plane at all times. In short, I'd like to be able see my plane centered on the screen when diving or going 90° up, but have it work in a similar way that SHOULDER_VIEW does. - The second part of this video does slightly represent what I have in mind - see the way the camera lags behind by by a few degrees? Plus the ability to dive and climb with the view centered on the plane.
  7. Greetings, fellow aviators! Lurking from the darkness, I decided to finally post here, because there's something I'd like to ask. I searched the whole forum searching for some clue on how to do it, but found nothing - hence this post. What I wanted to do was a chase camera, but a specific kind - kind of like a combination of fixed view from behind and shoulder view - In such a way, that You take a fixed view, tracking the plane's pitch, yaw and roll, place it on the rear end of the plane and add a small time-lag in the movement of the camera, like in the shoulder view. The problem is nothing I tried so far worked - SHOULDER_VIEW type is limiting the roll and pitch witch are pretty essential to what I'm trying to get. Adding e.g. LimitPitch=FALSE didn't help it. FIXED_VIEW works pretty much the way I want it to, but it lacks that lag of the SHOULDER_VIEW. And TRACKING_VIEW works perfectly on roll, but turning the plane any way other than... a certain pre-set direction messes up the camera, making the plane disappear from the view. So My question is: Would it be possible to make something like that? A good example of what I'm trying to get is in FlightGear (the reason why I decided to try and do it by the way). Over Xouram
  8. So posting this was pretty pointless, but I managed to find it. It seems that menu operates on something like a text field, and every list have to be in this field's area. What I did was simply move the list to the right, without modifying the field, so while the "button" moved, the list item did not, and the game did not see that I am clicking on the list. [GameplayOptionsSubMenu] MenuItemType=SUBMENU MenuItem001=MissionStartList [...] MenuItem032=FuelUsageText >Position=340,150< Width=362 Height=480 HasBackground=FALSE Active=TRUE The marked line is used for moving the field around the screen, and it worked for me, but I guess altering the width/height would also work. I am just wondering if this was covered somewhere on this site, and I am simply blind? >.< it seems like a pretty basic info, so... Hope this post is gonna be of any use to someone... >.> Over and Out.
  9. I guess this is my first post here... Anyway: I wanted to do a complete redo of WoE menu images to a more... S-F-ish one. The main title screen came out fine, I got to options screen. I have pretty much Buttons and BG done, but I wanted to reposition everything to fit the BG - changed headers' position and typesetting, and just started to reposition lists, when a problem came out, because when I change the position of the list, it won't come down anymore. Does anyone know what is the reason for this, and can I change it? Thanks in advance. Xoruam.

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