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  1. Hat switch now working, problem was me. I finally got it configured correctly. My problem now is the radar and not being able to use it to lock on air targets. Being able to fly the Migs and having MP would be nice.
  2. Hey Rusty, good hearing from ya. . :D If you have CFS3 give the 1% FMs a try and then let me know what you think. It does make a difference. I'll have FB also when it comes out. I can't see getting IL-2 and having a double of the same sim.
  3. Here's a couple of links you might want to check out. We at bomb-away.net just happened to get this info from Wolfar. Dagger, if you'd stop in once in awhile you'd see what I mean. The start for us at BA finding 1% team... http://www.bombs-away.net/forums/showthrea...20&pagenumber=1 I still have to find the download for the B17 tho. It seems Sim-Out house lost a mess of files so it might be awhile before it's back up.. Mudpond site for CFS# 1% aircraft.... http://www.mudpond.us/cfs3_beta_index1.html These help the game immensely. It doesn't act so much like an arcade. You have to know how to fly as the FMs are as close to the real thing as you can get. I'm not insinuating nobody knows how to fly, but it's as real as you can get. That's whatyou want, right? And the AvHistory site.....http://www.avhistory.org/ there are some great addons here for CFS2 also. The 1% Team has improved CFS3 and CFS2, something M$(and all the others) won't do as they won't sell as many copies of something you have a hard time trying to fly. Now you can think about why these sims get push out the door to us and we get bored and/or POd. It's "Give me the money"....... that's all they want.
  4. Sounds better all the time. :D
  5. OK, thanks guys. I was just wondering as the Harrier was from that era also. I can understand the problems with the thrust vectoring. Not all of our joysticks would support it as most of us only have throttle control and no way probably to do the thrust vectoring. But it sure would be cool if it did work somehow.
  6. I have a clean install and Patch 1 installed also. Problems: I can't get the hat switch on my Cygorg 3D Gold top work with the sim. All I can use is the mouse for changing views. Plus outside view looking rearward snaps back to front view, will not hold to rearward. Rear Seat play would be nice in the F-4 Phantom. Excelent sim overall, great graphics. Finally a sim with rearview mirrors that really work for fighters. Compaq 6000 1.9 Intel P4 GeForce 4 MX 420 64Mb 768Mb DDR Ram
  7. Thanks Ranger. And Rusty, aren't you burning the candle a both ends? Props and Jets. LOL Good to see you around buddy, someplace at least. Long time no hear. Send me the link again for the 95th web site by email. I lost it in my PC crash.
  8. I just got Strike Fighter last weekend and have it set to Normal. The last landing I tried I got it close to touchdown and handed it over to AI. The F4 landed and all it did was tumble down the runway with out blowing up. Finally it came to rest upside down. Mission finished with no mishaps reported and I was credited with 2 kills on the Migs. Lucky gun shot as I couldn't get the missiles to work even with the radar on . BTW, Patch 1 is installed.
  9. Does anyone have or is there a Harrier in the works? Just wondering as it would be a good addon a/c for SF:P1 Thanks. BTW...Great site and a great sim. :D

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