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  1. Anyone noticed in the quick missions for addon aircraft such as the F-14 or Mig29 that missions span well over 300nm ?? Its quite annoying, I don't want to start the mission near the target, the whole idea of fun is to take off, shoot the bastards and land again..
  2. Thanks a million Thomas, I'll punch in those settings and see how they work :D
  3. Thanks ThomasDWeiss, are these couples with the pitch settings that I posted ? Because you posted only the trim pitch settings...
  4. Hi all, I'm trying really...really really hard to like Lomac, but the friggin flight controls just downright suck. I have a Saitek X45 HOTAS and tried all the tweaking any human can do. Tried getting the axis settings from other boards, they did address the issue of pitch oscilliating but still not sufficient. I'll give you a hint on how bad it is: It takes me 10-15 mins to successfully gun down a C-130 in my gun sights (that is if I don't run out of bullets, in which case I have unlimited ammo turned on). I've been flying Falcon for the past 4 years now so I think that rules out being a bad pilot. So is there anyway I can get the plane to respond smoothly to my joystick like Falcon? Appendix A. Pitch--Shift = 80, D-zone = 10, Curv = 25 Roll --same as pitch Rudder --shift = 100, D-zone = 0, curv = 15 Pitch - Axis 1 Shift was at about 90-95% D-Zone 15% Curve ~10% Roll - Axis 0 Shift 80% D-Zone 15% Curve 15% Rudder - Rotator2 Shift 70-80% D-Zone 15% Curve 5% These dont work for me.... /rant = off

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