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  1. I Can't Download

    OH WOW!!! I had no idea who Jug was at first. I have read the interview in full now and he sounds awesome. It's great that real pilots (especially one's with such a great career history) take an active interest in these simulations and their communities. I am honoured that only a day after joining the forum Jug took the time to say hi and provide me with the info I needed. I have to say I've been very impressed by the way people have been so quick to help me out on here. Many forums are full of elitists who can't spare the time for a noob like me so I am very greatful to you all for the help so far. Good news by the way, I have figured out (with all of your help) how to activate new weapons/ aircraft on WOE. Joing this forum has definitely paid off! Thanks again.
  2. I Can't Download

    Hi Gunrunner, thanks for th info and the warm welcome. I looked in the section via the link in your post but the "Adding Aircraft" section is empty (possibly been moved or no-one uses this section anymore?). The skins readme was great though I can figure that out it ws very detailed.
  3. I Can't Download

    My bad, I was having an awful time of it yesterday and everything I clicked on said "You are not authorized". Then I found the 5 posts thing, then I found out that it had been scrapped and I have successfully downloaded one aircraft to try. So, currently no problems, other than being so new I don't have the first clue how to actually integrate any of the new content into my WOE game. Can you point me to a relevant thread or guide?
  4. I Can't Download

    Awesome website. The layout and content look awesome. I only just purchased WOE and was looking for unofficial content (new aircraft scenery etc) and looks like this is the place. Unfortunately I have spent an awfully long time finding out how to download from the site (as a newbie this can be frustrating), then found a rule about the "5 posts before downloads are allowed". It's a shame because it's a bit of a carch 22 situation. How can you comment on something that you can't download? I appreciate that the guys putting the content out there deserve praise and some people would happily use this page as a download only pit stop but for those of us who want to honestly become part of the community this presents an uncomfortable barrier and is not a nice welcome to a new forum. Hopefully I will quickly get 5 posts and be able to download. I was very nearly put off altogether but after trawling Google for alternative sites I found that this is the best (if not only) place so I came back and tried again. So just IMHO the rule does not put across a good first impression. Anyway, grmbling aside I am looking forward to seeing some of the new aircraft and the hard work people have put into these games. Oh, can anyone point me in the direction of an idiot's guide to installing & using the new aircraft or maps etc? Many thanks. Sorry if this is posted in the wrong place but as I said I'm new so bear with me.

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