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  1. Why is this topic closed,i'd like to hear people's experiences about this? I'm using one without any problems with OFF,i didn't compare stuff like AI/DM/FM though....interesting,i always copy the original .exe first for savety reasons,so you say if i copy it back there will be a difference,must try that for myself! The Ubi version doesn't require a disc right,does that one work ok,and if so why not make that .exe available for everyone then?
  2. Sorry,wasn't looking hard enough....thanks!
  3. I decided to take OFF up on their summerdeal and been exploring BHaH for a couple of days,but if i recall correctly Phase I/II did still have the CFS3 ingame menu choice at the left side,where you instantly saw which plane and skin you choose as an ingame animation??? I liked that a lot,has it been removed?
  4. BHAH torrent!

    There is NO phase 3 torrent!
  5. I,ve read all 4 pages(also at SimHQ..) and must say these YAP guys don't sound like fans of WOV to me,nowhere i can taste any enthousiasm for the game by them,they think and even talk commercial(read arrogant..),THAT'S what disturbes me,not that it's payware,but i'd rather buy it from modders who made it out of love for the game..not just for the money! I think CombatAce(and SimHQ) should make a stand for those free modders,after all THEY got SFP1,WOV and WOE to where it is today! Maybe YAP should start their own forum where they can have heir selling talks and leave these to the enthousiasts.. And USAFMTL i remember your post over at SimHQ,where you questioned them the first,now you seem completely turned on this?
  6. Is there a review in the make,here or at SimHQ?
  7. Well,i only know of the "enhanced" default terrain..?
  8. I,ve looked through the downloads,but can't find it? Anyone know where to get it? Also tried other SF sites.... Forget it! Already found it,when i read IAF i automatically think Israelian Air Force..
  9. ..with no luck,and decided to try later,only to find it's removed?? Troubles?

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