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  1. Im just trying to stop the damn thing from crashing upon exit everytime I play!
  2. Could it be Vista thing? I am not new to computers. The file says that it is extracted to the specific folder, but its not there. Nothing ever changes. Very weird. Anybody else have this problem with Vista?
  3. They are nowhere to be found! I select the desert data file to be extracted by using the cat extractor program, then the extractor program says that the file is extracted successfully, but the folder that contains the desert cat folder is unchanged. No new files anywhere..!??? What gives????
  4. I DL 'd the cat extractor so that I can do away with the CTD at end mission, but everytime I select the desert file in the cat file, It says that it extracted successfully, but I cannot find the file! Its never there, no matter what file I try to extract, it doesnt show up??? Any ideas? thanks, Fila

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