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  1. Its got to be a joke...photo edited. Thats...thats...amazing. If I find out this is a joke someone is going to be dead. My first casualty in world domination. Make my day! :twisted:
  2. Dark_Knight your ignorant. Sturmovik has a much larger development team going for them. Oleg doesn't do most of sturmoviks programming! The main programmers for IL-2 Sturmovik/Forgotten Battles are: Igor Egorov Yuri Antonov Dmitri Soldatenkov Sergei Sokov Roman Deniskin (also a 3D designer besides a programmer) Yuri Kryachko Rudolf Heiter (also a sound engineer) Sergey Shaykin Kirill Ivanov Even if all those people were split in half to work on each game, which you know didn't happen. They have a heck of a lot of programmers working on that game. Olegs might program a little, but the site doesn't even mention it. He deals with the customers on the forums, makes sure the game plays right, and is working on the P-51 cockpit. Its probably too busy to program a whole lot if he has any time at all. Give credit where credit is due. TK has it hard working by himself, I give him credit for doing what he wants to with his life even if he has to fix the game by himself.
  3. Those are really nice objects. They really add to the landscape, even seen in just your screenshots. Really, great work.

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