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  1. I have looked at the site listed in the latest post concerning the winter textures for the lomac terrain, but can't find it anywhere on the site. Is anyone hosting this file? Or could I get it through ICQ from someone? Thanks in advance!
  2. I expect the bullets, so let 'em fly 'cause I'm PISSED. Well I'd like to know just what the hell it is thats holding the patch up. Everyone has been more than patient with this issue. Maybe if we got CREDIBLE information ABOUT the patch and what in God's name is taking so long, buying this game, going on almost a !!YEAR AGO!!, would not seem like such a complete waste of time, money, and the gas it took for me to get there. As far as I am concerned, yes its fun... to an extent. But thats it.. Who the hell wants to pay full price for half-ass results? Maybe the fact that SF is in the value bins everywhere should be a fact that everyone needs to pay a little more attention to. Someone needs to come clean. WHERE IS IT Show me the money, or give me mine back. THANKS TK!
  3. 1:48 F-15C

    I have an airbrush, a good one, but its 300 miles away. I have a crappy testors $20 airbrush here, but man :roll: . You should see the havok that creates using water-based acrylic paint! It looks terrible. No, I actually like handpainting my models. I personally think airbrushes make it too easy. hehehe I do like the finish they creat, but to hand paint a model makes me feel more like it's my own creation (probably why half of them look as bad as they do LOL!). I'll take a brush any day though. You should build one soon! I cut the time spent on the PC in half just by having one in progress. It's a good thing I guess, since I can tell my eyesight is degrading from looking at computer monitors for so many years. I almost needed a magnifying glass just to paint that pilot. S!
  4. Anyone need dueling pistols? Police? Fire? Rescue? rename this thread "FLAK JACKETS ONLY BEYOND THIS POINT" S!
  5. 1:48 F-15C

    While waiting for my Alluminum and Steel colored paints to arrive (for the underside near the engines) this is what I have kept myself busy with. Man, my eyes hurt. Pilot Groundcrew
  6. Tribute to the Troops (Video)

    It gives you a warm fuzzy to know your not alone when you say, "I love my country." Bravo! S!
  7. I'd have to say that I agree with Invader. Those were some pretty harsh responses. While I too am anxious and impatient with the lack of official word, it will be worth the wait I am sure. Lots of people, including myself, have been posting stuff lately about service pack 2. I just love this sim so much, I cant stand to wait to see what's in store for us! *prays for an aircraft carrier* Guess we have to have faith. Sorry about the unwelcome welcome Invader. I'm sure no one meant for things to sound any way they did. You will find there are a lot of good people on these forums. I hope you are able to enjoy your stay. S!
  8. 1:48 F-15C

    On the inside of the vertical stabs, there is a squadron emblem of a Samurai, so it is more than likely a squadron based in that area geographically. I have taken a few more shots, so you can see what I have done. Held together with a little luck, and all pets put in the other room. Cockpit Hopefully I will be able to paint my own skins for Lomac, would be neat to fly this one as well as own it. <grin> F-14 Cockpit F-4J I'm gonna take a look at that site you mentioned Dutchy, see what I can find! Thanks! :D S!
  9. 1:48 F-15C

    Well I completed the cockpit and main gear, including every SINGLE little white knob :shock: on the side panels and the intrument panel just to name one detail. hehe As far as filling the seams, I'd really love to do that, but past attempts resulted in disaster, such as sanding off raised panel lines, etc. I may save the seam filling to my next one, a A-6 Intruder 1:48 scale. Marking tail code is ZZ, aircraft # 533. It doesnt say what squadron it is, or where it is/was based though. If anyone knows what that tail code is, ZZ, I'd love to know! I will have more pics of the Eagle up tonight. I may include a few pics of my F-4J and F-14D. None have the seams filled. Like i said, it was a disaster. :o S! THanks for the responses guys!
  10. 1:48 F-15C

    I'd certainly like to see shots of those under construction! If you get around to them, don't forget to post pics!!! I should have a few more up of the Eagle tonight sometime. Thanks guys! S!
  11. 1:48 F-15C

    Yes it is Revell 1:48 scale kit. Out of probably nearly 150 models I have built in my time, this is the very first F-15 I have worked on. Lacking most of the advanced tools I'd normally need, I had to do the camo by hand. Its being done in acrylic water-based paint. For some reason I like the acrylic finish better than the enamel oil-based, not to mention is a lot easier to clean and/or wipe off mistakes with a paper towel. That trick came in handy when working on the canopy glass. =) S!
  12. 1:48 F-15C

    Just got done hand painting this so far. I think it's going to turn out pretty well. Nothing is glued, just preliminary camo on pieces that will stay together on their own. The photos aren't that great due to what I have to use to take them, sorry.
  13. THought about maybe a "G" model two-seater? Since we have shrikes and now harm missiles, a Wild Weasel version would be killer. I have tons of pics of the F-105G. S!
  14. Whatever you did on that first one, it looks AWESOME! Raised contrast a little? Love the Superfort! I have three 4 hour long VHS tapes my grandfather made me a few years ago, and they are the complete story of forming and operating the 20th Airforce out of india, china and finally the Marianas island chain in the pacific. They are a treasure I wish i could share with the community here. If anyone decides to try and find them, they are called "Wings of Victory: 20th Airforce". S!

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