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  1. wind sounds

    Can somebody tell me were i can find this file AircraftObject.ini, cant find it anywere? Doc
  2. Great Game But?

    Thanks so much for the tips, nice one regards Doc
  3. wind sounds

    Thank you, now ive noticed the wind sound problem , its kind of ruined my game regards Doc
  4. wind sounds

    just been playing this game for almost an hour now and just relised theres no wind sounds, is this right, or is something not right with my game? regards Doc
  5. 1st things 1st, just want to say high to all....... Just got myself a new thrustmaster hotas cougar, have got lock-on and il2 flight sims, but i was looking for something a bit different Then i came across this, and got to say, its got the wow factor So far i have only been messing about in the quickie, fly part of the game, and so far ive managed to get blown out the air, by flak, and i got to say the sounds of the flak are great and shot down, by some real baddies :) So anybody got any Tips for me, about shoting down the enemy, how close should i be, and so on Allso is it possible to put out a engine fire, by going into a steep dive? Anyways great game, and well done to all the modders out there regards Doc

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