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  1. THEN YOU HAVE TO WRITE THIS IN _DATA.INI FILE [LevelBombAI] ReleaseAlt=9144.0 ReleaseCount=27 ReleaseInterval=0.1
  2. One way do to it is to play in the _Data.ini of the aircraft [Mission Data] AircraftRole= Options are FIGHTER, ATTACK, BOMBER Bomber always strike level in SF1 & SF2 (B-52 is the good example) So you have to make two version: one for each technique F-4C Phantom II in dive bomber select ATTACK or FIGHTER F-4D Phantom II with Loran or Sky Spot select BOMBER
  3. "old soldier never die". Forty years after being introduced Etandard IV were still soldier on. Therefore it had no better payload than the skyhawk this plane was faster and had better climb rate. This is a good idea. Rebuilt the first french made carrier jet ever.
  4. the first test Mirage 2000B cockpits (serial B01) look like this http://www.aviation-fr.info/avion/cockpit2000B.php On standard aircrafts the RWR item is on the right side of the cockpit. Mirage 2000C and Mirage 2000B have a different cockpit from Mirage 2000D.
  5. or like this http://kovy.free.fr/image%201024/M2000-xx2.jpg
  6. pitot like this http://www.er133belfort.free.fr/img/photos...te-m2000-hr.jpg
  7. If you can you may add the pitot-static tube in the nose. All mirage 2000 C, B, E, and N have one. models D, -5 and -9 are exceptions.
  8. from june 1986 to 1998 the "Escadron de chasse 2/2 Côte-d'Or" flew Mirage 2000B as an OTC squadron for the french Armée de l'Air. Aircrafts code numbers were 2-FA to 2-FZ.
  9. this is a picture of the 12-YP serial number 526 in service with the EC 1/12 "Cambrésis" http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fichier:Mirage_2000B.jpg
  10. look at this for a first skin of Mirage 2000B of the Escadron de Chasse 1/12 "Cambrésis" http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fichier:Mirag...0Bcambresis.jpg
  11. *French Mirage 2000B serials : o Mirage 2000B S3, n°501 to 514 : 14 aircrafts with RDM radar, snecma M53-5 engine and armed with R550 Magic II, and Super 530F. o Mirage 2000B S4, n°515 to 520 : 6 aircrafts with RDI J1-1 radar and M53-5 engine. o Mirage 2000B S4-2, n°521 to 522 : 2 aircrafts with RDI J2-4 radar and M53-5 ( number 521 ) or M53-P2 ( number 522 ). o Mirage 2000B S5, n°523 to 530 : 8 aircrafts with RDI J3-13 radar and M53-P2 engine.
  12. No gun on all Mirage 2000 double seater. Due to the lack of space Dassault had to make choice beetwin fuel, electronics and armement. B version could only fire Magic IRM and Matra Super 530D SAHM in air to air missions. The probe is a standart equipement on all post 1986 productions aircrafts. The first batch of french 2000C and E version didn't receive this item. They were later updated.
  13. Very good Bird. Thank you very much for this job. You can make it perfect if you change the fusenumbers to realistic ones. EC 3/3 Ardennes uses this numbers "3-XA" to "3-XZ". Serials numbers are in 600's series. Look at http://www.ec3-3ardennes.com/ for futher details Sorry for my english... I'am french.

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