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  1. thing is, i've not, yet, found anything on exactly how mods are installed. there's a little proggie i use for SH3/4 called JSGME. think that'll work?
  2. why couldn't this have had a simple self installer
  3. went with display 004 just in case the other removed the text from the lwr left
  4. thx. found the cat extractor, so exactly how is it used, and will it work on WOI?
  5. what's the full file path for the .ini? that radar display in the upper right annoys the hell outta me
  6. so, these nukes for WOI, where can i find the mod, and the related smoke files?
  7. got it figured out. using a ideazon FANG to remap radar/flight related keys. thougth there might've been a difference between WOI and SFP1 and the stick buttons weren't mapping the same way.
  8. and completed my 1st single mission to see how it is. looks . the terrain looks m,uch better than in SF. using a saitek evo force the F15 seems a bit touchy, tho i'm more used to the stock fighters in SFP1. dunno why, but the stick seems to drift to left/right yaw wise, and i couldn't fire any sparrow7Es. the pythons went off ok. any ideas on why tyhat might be? the buttons a keyed as the are in SF. it's patched.

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