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  1. So, after this plane, your going to make the F-106 Delta Dart next? I'll love to fly both planes. Never mind, there's already a F-106.
  2. Not much help here, but you can try to search around the forums.
  3. California wildfires

  4. little bro, i only know to paint with a brush on the paint program in the computer, i don't know how to paint on a hard paint program like gimp, same with my big bro.
  5. little bro, thanks for this info, but what if the authors of the plane doesn't want to gimme the templates???
  6. hey, little brother on, how can my big brother paint over the existing paint job?
  7. Hey, Big Bro here, I mean not only the roundels but make a South Korean Flag skin covering the whole plane like the Indian Air Force skin for the Mig-29.
  8. my big brother need somebody to make a personal skin for the airplane listed on the title, if anybody help my big brother request he will give you lots of thank yous i am typing this for him because he is sleeping right now. he wanted a south korea skin for the airplane listed on the topic title please.

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