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  1. How does your room looks like?

    90!? i only got one damn small 1:72 F-14,a Panzer and a few 1:32 US 82nd soldiers!
  2. How does your room looks like?

    Ow,im sorry to hear that Lori. I hope he will recover soon. And Mannie is right. I also hope everyone here at the CA has the same thoughts as me about this. Good luck,and i hope there will be some good news about him soon. Now,back to the point. I also describe my bedroom more as a ''room'' haha.it's very small with that idiotly large bed. And WDH has a lot of model planes. I really would like that much... But dont got the money for it.
  3. How does your room looks like?

    I have my own room and PC too...and that own PC is very special for a kid of my age here in Holland.
  4. How does your room looks like?

    My room is about 2 by 4 meters...
  5. How does your room looks like?

    You never saw my desk right?
  6. How does your room looks like?

    Hello everyone, i guess the title tells you all. I was wondering how the rooms of you flight sim addicts are outfitted. My looks still a bit childish,space-style wallpaper,getting camo wallpaper with an entire wall filled with an airplane photo. Now,i have a desk which is actually hanging on the wall,with my computer right,in the corner,with an ''Lightning'' light right of it...you know,when you touch all the sparks goes to the point your hand is laying... then ive got my computer, and a PS2 left of it...actually my little brother is playing on it all the time ... and a little S-3B Viking near my keyboard,my paper Essex-Class Wannabe carrier...actually,the cannons are missing because í ran out of paper...a large green shelf with an 1:72 scale Tomcat and and 1:32 scale Panzer IV... a very large shelf with all my PC Games like Comanche 4,Wings Over Vietnam,World in Conflict,Battlestations Midway,IL-2 FB,Spore,CnC RA3 and a LOT more... and then my 2 meter tall bed,my shelf with Donald Ducks,my closet with my Buck Danny's and my book about Greek Mythology i have to read for the so-called Pre-Gymnasium,my Judo trophies (actually got 5th place everytime ) ,my clothing closet and then...the door!! oh,still got the RA3 Beta card hanging around here... Now my question is how your rooms look like,because i guess you guys are a lot older than me,and you aircraft-geeks probably have an room dedicated to them,right? Greets, Kobuspoes
  7. Ok,i will see,but i'm also working on some modding to the stock Blinder to make it a Backfire... But i can't get the wing hardpoints installed.
  8. The Person Below Me

    False. I dont even know what it means. The person below me loves reading Playboy.
  9. Then i'll give her her own FM...after i figured out hwo it flies O_o
  10. So you bet im gonna start on a Backfire But i still dont know how the ruler tool works... i need underwing hardpoints for the AS-4's... And another bomb bay as well... But the Backfire's airframe design is not the same as the Blinder so i need someone who probably could edit the wings,tail and the engines... Anyone here who could do that?
  11. Ty,Got my first mission on the libya terrain,but that's a simple test mission.a need even MORE destroyers and PTG's to make nice missions. maybe the HMS Glasgow could help but then i cant get the carriers escorted by Spruance's and Perry's...
  12. Looks like there's already a WIP so i can shut down my own project... maybe i could start some Backfire WIP...And Erikgen,your Fiddler looks great with those opening canopy's! Good luck with your Fiddler and - Of Course- the Voodoo! Edit: So,as long as Erikgen is still working on the Voodoo series there probably isn't a Fiddler... I guess i can continue my project so we'll have a stand-in until then. Edit #2: I dont know how that Ruler tool works
  13. Ty,gonna try it now. Also,i've got an early WIP version,it has four internal bombbay hardpoints for SAHM's and IRM's. But it's still the beginning; I've got to find a good cockpit,gotta make up an avionics file and -most important- study line prints of the plane to see if the 3d Model has to be reworked. I guess the canopy model needs some reworks as well as the wings...andd the tailgun has to be removed and the engines need to be Backfire-ized... Thats a lot of work but im not gonna give up! Edit: your link doesnt work Gr. Viper... 2nd Edit: Gotta go to bed now...see you tomorrow guys!
  14. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tupolev_Tu-28 Anyone working on this one here? I would like to have this thing in WOE because i like the whole idea of this thing I also could make one myself by editing the stock Blinder but i dont know the hardpoint coordinates. I know wich missiles it could carry,the AA-5 ''Ash'' missiles (Link here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bisnovat_R-4) But it isnt in the game so somebody has to do that thing as well,because it also isn't for download.) Im gonna try a random location in the bombbay now to make some screenies and get you the idea... Probably Alamo's or Apex Missiles inside there... Btw,i also need a nice cockpit... Now my REAL Question is: Is there any tool which can help me out with the coordinates? Or is there someone working on this one already? Greets, Kobuspoes

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