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  1. Jg74 F-4F 37+64 Graue Maus

  2. AN/ALQ-119 GY ECM-Pod

  3. F-4J VMFA-333 Shamrocks

  4. F-4J VF-33 Tarsiers

  5. VF-84 Jolly Rogers F-4J

  6. thanks again , how about the templates for this nice birds ???
  7. did you add this cockpit addon as a "pilot" ??? and yes pleas post it
  8. thanks for this fine work and now i have new gunfighter excellent did the f-111a use this gun-pods or was that something they could use and never did ???
  9. ok i moved the taillight entry from the fuselage to the verttail SystemName[001]=Rudder SystemName[002]=TailLight and changed the taillight data by adding the AttachedNodeName and MovingLights entry [TailLight] SystemType=LIGHT AttachedNodeName=VertTail MovingLight=TRUE Position=0.0,-7.55,2.4262 LightSrcOffset=0.00,0.00,0.00 Color=0.88,0.88,0.88 Brightness=0.02 LightSrcRange=0.5 CanFlash=FALSE but still no moving tail light , what i´m doing wrong ???

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