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  1. Here is the preview from AVSIM http://www.avsim.com/pages/0803/lomac_prev...view/lomac.html Enjoy it! :D
  2. The LOMAC Input mapping is not prejudice to any specific device. All input devices, whatever they may be for example. "Joysticks, Throttles, pedals, Keyboards, Mouse, Gamepad, Steering Wheel. Can be used to assign any function available. Just for a GeeWiz. I hooked up my Saitek USB Driving wheel I use with one of my favorite driving sims "Grand Pre Legends" Assigned the wheel as a Rudder device. Gas peddle for throttle and Brakes for Wheel Brakes. I had no problem progressive taxiing around the airfield I just got a copy of "Flanker 2.0" from my friend.It is extramlly differcult to handle the Flanker with keyboards...... :x Actually I'm too tired to fly the Flanker with the keyboard. I use mouse to take control the F/A-18 in F/A-18:OIF. If LO-MAC is using the engine based on the Flanker 2.0 series,I MUST buy a new joystick to play since I also want to enjoy the feeling of flying a Flanker. :D
  3. Looks like I must buy a new joystick after the saraly is paid. Sounds that using keyboard to try LOMAC is really a mistake.
  4. Besides more advance fighters,I hope that the will be carrier operations in SFP1. :D
  5. Thanks all of you here. We now have many F-4 Dive Bombers. And so dive-bombing becomes a deadly technique for the ground. :D
  6. That's the best to do with Harrier in SFP1 That's only my view.
  7. Maybe the problem can be solved by the flaps. I have used the FS2002 Harrier before and it uses the flaps instead of thrust vectoring. That's means the thrust moves when the flaps are downed.
  8. Thanks Hedu. The dive-bombing technique works very well.I can control the speed when diving. So how about the noraml bombing?
  9. Hello everybody. I am new here and I like playing SFP1 so much. But I got a problem when playing. I don't know how to drop the bombs on targets.The bombs always missed the targets.Sometimes I drop them by diving just like the WWII dive bombers( :shock: ) but it's too fast to pull the nose up so I always hit the ground and crush. Does anybody can tell me how to drop the bombs correctly?

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