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  1. Acers out their!,i just wanna ask because i found 2 weapon pack made by mirage factory for WoI,and i found another weapon pack by mirage factory but it doesnt meantion on README if its compatible on WoV,i just wanna clarify if someone tried this thing?.
  2. Editing Wings Over Vietnam

    Admin, Thanks for the help!,what i meant is to change my enemy aircraft to a modern aircraft(F-15's) like that, hope its possible.
  3. Hey guys,i just wanna know if its possible and if someone could teach me how to change those enemy aircraft what im targeting,because i find fighthing an f-15 on mig-21 is quite unfair and quite easy to lock,so is it possible i can change their planes into mig-21 to f-16(for example)
  4. Need an U.S Aircraft

    Good!,How about an Aircraft carrier(wheather it functions fully/not)
  5. Hi, Just wondering if someone has already been doing U.S aircrafts for WoI such as F-14,F-18E hope to see more new cool mods for this 2008 game!

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