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  1. Falkland 1982 All-Inclusive MOD

    Get the latest Weapon Editor, the one included doesn't appear to work.
  2. Canary Islands

    Nice to play, however the sizes of the islands don't "feel" correct. I'd really like to have a extended version of this terrain.
  3. I guess the title says it all. I just discovered that the SS-N-14 "Silex" ASW missile was included in the weapons encyclopedia of Flanker 2.51, and it should be a regular armament of, say, the also included Krivak class frigates. But now I wonder how I get these frigates to fire the missiles at the subs, everytime I place a Krivak near a Kilo or Tango sub in the editor, the sub (surfaced, of course) is sunk by gunfire. Anyone got an idea, or was that just a red herring? Some other questions around weapons listed in the encyclopedia: Also the P-700 Granat (SS-N-19 "Shipwreck") and a obviously nuclear bomb called NB-1 are included there. Also here, any hints on how to have these fired in the game? Kind greetings, heinz_faust
  4. Definitely the most desired mod since 2002. Adds a lot to the atmosphere of the game.

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