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  1. Can You Identify THis?

    prehaps its the thing under her chin? wheres the HUD?
  2. i hope they fix the nforce2 network problems..
  3. i'll post info on here as i get it so that others can benefit from my findings :D ok first thing i found is: ZSU-23-4 Shilka 23MM Anti-Aircraft Gun: Employed in pairs 200 meters apart, 400 meters behind battalion leading elements A platoon of four ZSU-23-4s is assigned, along with four SA-9/GASKIN SAM systems, to the antiaircraft battery of motorized rifle and tank regiments to cover the deadspace of the SA-6/GAINFUL in the division air defense umbrella Supply trucks, which follow the ZSUs at a distance of 1.5 to 2.5 km, carry an estimated additional 3,000 rounds for each
  4. i'm wanting to put a serious mission / campaign together, but have no idea of proper numbers when it comes to Mig 29s, convoys of tanks etc.. any1 got some links to any info i can grab? thanx
  5. i used to know a guy who came to a couple of the LANs i attend who had no crosshair in any game he played and still shot accurately :) we were not worthy ;)
  6. looks like 15 was a dud - roll on 16 :)
  7. any 1 got a technical drawing including all views and detail of the A-10? thanx
  8. and ATI hits back with.... the X800XT
  9. Great Game Bbc.co.uk

    yeah i played it for about an hour b4 got bored..
  10. i'm sure in that jav test the tank was full of C4
  11. Lomac

    i'd suggest a re-install of XP, and make sure all your drivers are up-to-date.. i have no trouble running 1024x768@32Bit, with all settings maxed appart from the sea - on a XP2200(1.8Ghz) with 1GB RAM and Rad 9700 Pro..
  12. Electric Shock

    press pause - then screenshot :D
  13. Problem--help Needed

    prehaps if u posted the right computer spec's we might b able to help..... i think your talking XP2200? 1.7Ghz and what OS are you running?
  14. get the texture browser from check.six then grab the texture you want to edit using the utility - edit the skin and then dump it in the textures folder :)

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