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  1. I ment Where. Sorry I don't mean to be difficult, I'm just new to modding
  2. how do I remove it? I can't remember.
  3. I have this for WOI and am having a problem. the canopy stays open in flight. that is very annoying. I was wondering how to close it
  4. Does anyone know where I can find a Aim 120 for WOI?
  5. Fantastic job but I have 1 problem. when I fly the plane it is a void skin. That is bad. I would like to know if it is my problem. I have WOI pached to the max with the jul 06 weps pack. If there is a problem with my system pls tell me how to fix it. Once again AWESOME JOB!!!
  6. I have WOI and would like to start using new planes and missions ect. but I am kind of overwelmed . 1st, I keep hearing about the "Aim-9X superwinder" but I can't find it anyware? 2nd, is there any "Required mods" that I would be graced to know? 3rd, The big one, I installed this weps pack and then downloaded the F15-C but the only wep I can load it with is the aim-9L, is there anything else I need? All in all you guys are doing a great job so far. Thanks for any help. PS. I read the knoledge base but it didn't help me at all.

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