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  1. MF F-16A Blok 10 IDF fro SF2

  2. Thx a lot for the info. It seems that there is a lot of really incredible, and pricey - but this is such a niche market, hardware Saitek sells to create a variety of hardware panels for FSX etc, but for whatever technical reasons they don't seem to work with anything else, as far as I know. Not a complain because the various sim coders didn't choose to output data in a FSX compatible format, just would have been very tempting. Just getting back into flying and working on finding the various boundaries of software and hardward. :)
  3. Just called MadKatz and the answer is a definite maybe. Very honestly explained specifically designed to be comparable with FSX, FS2004 & X-Plane, but not limited to those if the designer of another sim chose to output compatible data. So it is down to the choices made while the sim was being coded. Comes down to buy it, try it and keep it if it works. Just surprised no one here has ever tried it.
  4. I used to play SF1 a bit and am thinking of getting back in as there is a LOT of mod content that is hugely tempting. Of course, that means anything SF1 now needs to be replaced with SF2. :( From reading some of the posts, it appears SF has probably reached the end of new content provided by the developer and now the modding community is the group supporting it and providing new content. Regardless of whether the developer has moved on to other things, the community seems alive and productive. I guess I'm a bit cranky that the cost of entry is based on New Model Year prices for programs that are years old. Prior to starting on the financial project, is there anything else in the same genre that I might should be considering? Given the time scale SF covers I doubt it, but I'd hate to later find out I'd missed something obvious. :)
  5. Opps, my mistake. Darn, they are actually rather expensive considering their age. And I was only referring to legal purchase. I've looked fairly well in Google and no one else seems to sell them, which is a bit surprising, I think.
  6. third wire, didn't they used to make driving sims or something?
  7. Was just looking at the nice, and pricey, add-on instruments Saitek has available and was wondering if they interface with anything other than M$ Flight Sim?
  8. Getting the urge to get back into flying and notice that my old Strike Fighter 1 installments need to be replaced for my Win7 machine. Is Third Wire the only source to purchase the Strike Fighter 2 installments? Don't mind paying, but full retail for such oldish games is a bit steep. Not meaning to be snarky, but Steam has Strike Fighters 2 Europe for $10 vs $30 from Third Wire.
  9. India-Pakistan War 1965

    Have not played yet, but having lived in Northern India until 1963 I'm really looking forward to this one. :)
  10. UPDATE 2 Found the mod Bombing Range TerrainStarted by Bunyap, 25 Nov 06 - 11:52:52 PM Given that it is only terrain, would it run OK with SF2? UPDATE 3 I'm really really tired and more than a bit Sloooooow. Back to that SEARCH think and found just what I wanted - Moderator pls delete this string of posts of me talking to myself.
  11. Don't seem to be able to edit. UPDATE That thing up in the top right labeled SEARCH lead me to hundreds of messages about SF2 and TrackIR - Duh
  12. Haven't played Third Wire in a looonnnng time, so long in fact that my compuer is now Win7 and my old WOE is XP only. Way back in the day, I had a really nice mod that was an airstrip out in the middle of nowhere for landing/take off practice and a bombing range. Was really helpful! Is there anything similar available for SF2? I have looked, but not seen anything. Also, does TrackIR work with SF2 series? I know it did for the SF1 series, but I'm not seeing anything about it at Third Wire and the TrackIR references are to SF1 series. Thx
  13. Pilot damage

    From Hello it is all out of our control. :)
  14. In my ventures into OFF I have killed off a couple of characters. How can I delete them out of OFF so I don't clog up the directory with corpses? I looked and the files in the 'characters' folder must have come with the program as they were no anything I had invented.
  15. t . I had never known that. The great pictures at the web site showed that very clearly. I'll give it a try. I've always thought the Albatrosses were some of the most elegant planes ever, would be nice to fly one.

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