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  1. Wrench: Is all still going well with this? I was hoping to hack an F-104C into the Burning Sands campaign. :D
  2. Yeah, Winrar's available off the Internet. Click the following link: WinRAR Download Welcome to CombatACE!
  3. So after a bit of practice in the ol' Hun, I decided to go back into campaign and try the evil mission that pits me against MiG-17s as primary targets. I lost my wingman right away, with nary a peep of "I'm hit". But luckily, the other two guys I brought with me survived and did some good on their own. It was early morning and I managed to pop the first Fresco with an AIM-9B. The second, as you can see, had the luck of the devil: I managed to catch him in the vertical and sawed off the outboard panels of both wings, clipped an airbrake, and did sufficient damage to his engine that he started smoking. End of the second MiG, right? Wrong! I was headed away and so forth when I noticed "Hey, he's still up..." To make a long story short, I had to follow this fool around for another four or five minutes trying to get him in range for a gun kill. All the while, he's making big circles and slowly descending at a fixed speed while enemy AAA hunts for me. Eventually, I manage to get within 500 feet of him and tag the guy with another burst. Finally, his right wing falls off and I get to go home. I had maybe one more burst left in the guns, and then I would have had to shaken a fist at him or tried to make him spin. Any pilot good enough to handle that wreck of an airplane shouldn't have been cannon fodder for me.
  4. So, Super Sabres

    Yeah, the mission demanded that I (and a worthless wingman who died without a peep) take on some MiG-17s without so much as an AIM-9B available. BnZ'll probably be my only option when I try again. I really need to re-equip that squadron with F-104Cs. Thanks for the tips! It was fun running away from a MiG-17 in an earlier mission where the #2 ship crashed in the midst of trying to get me off his leader's tail.
  5. So, Super Sabres

    Not mentioning any names, but someone got shot down today while trying to take on a pair of MiG-17s. Would any of y'all like to share tips for ACM and the like while being stuck in a Super Sabre?
  6. Splendid! I hate to be such a droning bore about it all, but I'm not experienced enough in this stuff to fix the data.ini files myself, and so I have to trust good people, i.e. you to help me. :D Thanks again for the pod and for your kind assistance!
  7. OK, hakuna matata, and all that. I'm glad you, and everyone else, took the time to help me with this. They're actually kind of fun to use, but I do believe I need a bit of training with acquiring targets for them. Visual acquisition ain't what you're supposed to do, I don't think. :o
  8. I just tried that, and voila! They were there, but the pylons read 'EMPTY' and I couldn't select the AS.34 from the pull-down menu. That has me rather confused, to say the least. Do you have any idea what's causing that? Now all I need to do is find out if someone's done Marineflieger-style drop tanks with those Day-Glo bands. Thanks very much for your help!
  9. I presume Wrench's setup is correct and I presume that the weapons pack is correct as well. What can we look at to see if the former is properly communicating with the latter? I suppose that I'll have to be the pathfinder for the rest of the flight, and designate for them, if this doesn't work. :P
  10. I'm working with the 3W F-104G, and I'm using Wrench's data. All I want is a simple Marineflieger Kormoran mission; how bloody hard can it be? He plainly says, "As usual, even though the aircraft is 'nationed' as West Germany, it still gets USAF missiles and such EXCEPT for the inboard station, with have the 'W_Germany' attachment for MarineFliger units that carried the Kormmoran AS missile." The Kormoran data, stolen from weapondata.ini, is as follows: I first changed the availability to "very common" for both national and export, and I put something like 100 in base quantity. No dice---still none available, despite me setting the year to be ~1975. I then said to myself, "Well, the Kormoran's weight is 656; the relevant pylon says 500 is the limit. Let's change that and see what happens." I changed the weight limit of the pylon to 700, saved the ini, loaded the game, and could load Harpoons there, but not Kormorans; to add insult to injury, the Kormoran didn't even bother to show up in the base inventory page. At this point, all data have been reverted back to where they were before I started fiddling. I'm officially stumped.
  11. I'm stuck, again. Via the quick mission generator, I'm trying to make a quick Marineflieger anti-ship mission, using the stock F-104G and the Kormoran ASM. The AI aircraft load them just fine, but the squadron supply of them reads '0', so I can't load any. Short of using a mission creator, is there any way I can force the mission generator to provide some Kormorans in the squadron magazine? Thanks.
  12. Oh, splendid. What did you do specifically to adjust that tank? I'd be likely to put the thing on top of the wing or level with the tail if I tried to eyeball it.
  13. Wrench, I appreciate your help! I hope you'll forgive me asking this---is your data for the F-104C or the F-104C-10? I er, can't tell the difference between the models.
  14. Is there one for the F-104C/F-104C-10 in there? I think I looked at all of the loadouts, and there didn't seem to be one for the two TAC birds. I could be wrong, though. The SFP Wiki doesn't have anything for them, either. Bother. Thanks for the help on other things---I'll get the hang of that as soon as I everything working on the aircraft themselves.

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