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  1. A Good Sim You Aren't Playing

    A taste of a Luftwaffe campaign mission in 2.09 Frie Jagt over Biggin Hill airfield A bowser goes up "Blinkin heck lads, Jerry's giving Biggin what for!" "I say, it looks like one of ours is going in!!" "Down tools lads, he just might be alive!!" Not likely Mein Herre! (Now to get home without my Daimler seizing...) Cheers! H
  2. A Good Sim You Aren't Playing

    Sorry should have clarified - update to DirectX9.0c (June version). Unfortunately, there are multiple dated versions of 9.0c but they should all work. Yes, the ground detail is a stunner - like being in a time machine!
  3. A Good Sim You Aren't Playing

    Runs just fine in vista, with latest directx. Challenge with playing with code updates will often be CTDs as code updates are beta releases. Fun to get ahead of the curve, but not always stable... The self-installer for official 2.09 patch will be out soon. Very stable, so should not have CTD problems. 2 things to ensure success tho: = always patch over a clean install = don't try and play old savegames with a new patch Cheers and enjoy!! Heiny
  4. A Good Sim You Aren't Playing

    Patch 2.09 on the doorstep! 250+ new ground objects and autogen forests... http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v41/vade...rman-Trucks.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v41/vade.../German-AAA.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v41/vade...n-Vehicles1.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v41/vade...sh-Vehicles.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v41/vade...tish-Trucks.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v41/vadenstick/Borton.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v41/vade.../Industrial.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v41/vade...h-Town-City.jpg http://www.shockwaveproductions.com/bob_de...s/1shot_135.jpg For fans of the Bf110, new flight model and AI (Lufberry maneuvers implemented!) Flakfix (see post above) included, together with enhanced campaign statistics, and new Blenheim and Junkers models! http://www.shockwaveproductions.com/bob_de...cs/shot_009.jpg http://www.shockwaveproductions.com/bob_de...cs/shot_101.jpg Plus a new multiskin with more, historically accurate RAF and LW skins! Stay tuned http://www.a2asimulations.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=10
  5. AND a new update on Storm of War from the 1C developers! What a week! http://www.freewebs.com/heinkill/stormofwarnews.htm
  6. Yes, they have an ex UK Ministry of Defence sim artist, Ben, working on updating all the eye candy, and Stickman who is repopulating the cities and towns.
  7. BOBII Flak HOTFIX out now! Never satisfied with the small imperfections in their pride and joy (Battle of Britain II) the BoB Developers Group has made a major change to the modelling of AA fire in the game. After scouring historical records and tech specs, the BDG has enhanced the low level AA fire, and high level flak in the game to approach historical accuracy and improve gameplay. WARNING if you fly as gondola gunner in a D017 in BOBII now, crank up the volume - you'll need to put plastic down under your chair - the new flak is that pants-wettingly terrifying. Read all about the upgrade here: http://www.freewebs.com/heinkill/bob2news.htm IL2 Birds of Prey: Trailer This exciting new IL2 based game for consoles appears to be progressing well judging by the latest teaser video! In fact it looks so good BoB Game Hub is giving it its own home on the game menu to help keep you up to date with information. See HERE for more. http://www.freewebs.com/heinkill/birdsofpreynews.htm BOBII: New ship models! Convoy hunters will be in a for a big treat with the upcoming 2.09 patch for BOBII. Ben and Stickman are working on new ship models and you can get a sneak preview of their work in progress (such as this armed trawler) HERE. http://www.freewebs.com/heinkill/bob2news.htm IL2: Cross Channel Map, new work The 352nd FG boys have been hard at it, cranking out some beautiful new bases and objects to populate their new map. http://www.freewebs.com/heinkill/il2news.htm
  8. Storm of War: some new details

    For me, the reality is that by the time it comes out, it would have been about 5-8 years since we had a decent new WWII prop sim to play with. Of course I will buy it - I'll be starving for a new prop sim by then!! It would have to be completely bug ridden and unplayable not to!
  9. Inside the Storm of War team! Those who wish to believe SoW is vapourware should stop reading now. Game developer Yogy has just posted (in his native German) an account of his recent visit to Maddox studios in Moscow. The size and structure of the Maddox team may surprise you. Read the translated article here. http://www.freewebs.com/heinkill/stormofwarnews.htm
  10. BOB II patch 2.08 is available

    New hotfix is on the way. The AA fire has been totally revisited, revalidated using historical records and technical data and remodelled to reflect a new balance between historically accurate fire models and gameplay challenge. For the player who likes to fly Luftwaffe, it's almost a whole new level of challenge requiring real ingress and egress planning in order to avoid zones of AA fire. It also highlights the amazing level of detail in BoBII in that the following AA weapons are all individually modelled: Bofors 40mm 3 inch flak gun And amazingly, the bizarre and short lived PAC rocket launcher (Parachute and Cable). The idea of these was to fire a 400 foot cable into the air suspended by 2 parachutes which would foul an attacking aircrafts control surfaces and bring it down. Stay tuned. Heiny
  11. A Good Sim You Aren't Playing

    New AAA enhancement coming to BOBII soon. Just testing the hotfix right now. A lot of research done on replicating the true fire rates, ranges and accuracy of 1940 British AA fire resulting in new customisable flak settings. The historical settings will be default, but if you want to dial it up, or back, depending on your taste/PC capability, you can! Stay tuned...
  12. Zerstorer Elite: A BOBII adventure

    You can download from here (if you are outside USA, use PAYPAL option) for $20USD. http://www.a2asimulations.com/store/index....;products_id=18 Make sure you dowloand and patch to 2.08 version. (Just one patch will fully update it). Patch is here: http://a2asimulations.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=10951 You can read review here while you are downloading http://www.freewebs.com/heinkill/bob2review.htm OR see a new video of version 2.08 here: Enjoy!
  13. A Good Sim You Aren't Playing

    Very scaleable. Lots of 'instant action' missions, from training to big historically based furballs. Lots of novice settings in the options screen to ease the player in - flight models, gun damage enhancers, target box enhancers, padlock circles, aircraft labels, a bullet lead indicator... Plus heads up display on-screen gauges... All of which can be switched off when not needed anymore See screenies here: http://www.freewebs.com/heinkill/bob2news.htm and here: http://www.shockwaveproductions.com/forum/...pic.php?t=10952 Cheers H
  14. Zerstorer Elite: A BOBII adventure

    For those flying BOBII, fly your own daring recon missions using the Instant Action feature of BOBII! Among the lesser known units of the Luftwaffe during the Battle of Britain were the 'Aufklaringsgruppe' of Luftflotte 2, 3 and 5 – the long range reconnaissance units. Comprising Do17s, Ju88s, He111s, He100s and Bf110s, these units flew dangerous solo missions over enemy territory, often unarmed and loaded down with fuel. Attrition rates were high. In his book ‘The Easter Bunnies’ recon pilot Roman Gastager describes how five of his comrades started during Easter 1940 in Aufklaringsgruppe 123 – and called themselves the Easter Bunnies. By the end of the war, only one remained. To highlight the challenges faced by these daring pilots, I have created a series of 6 Bf110C recon missions which use the Battle of Britain II, Wings of Victory Instant Action menu to generate the missions. The player will find details of how to fly the missions in the attached mission briefings and can manually track their progress, on the mission score sheets attached. Success involves two pre-conditions in each mission: a) taking at least three clear shots of the recon target using the in-game camera and b) returning home alive. You are judged to have successfully returned home if you reach the French or Dutch coast without trailing any RAF fighters. If you are still being pursued by RAF at this point, you must despatch or lose them to succeed. To take your photos, you should map two key combinations to your joystick if possible: F6 for Outside View, and Ctrl-P for Still Camera Shot (they will go into the STILLS folder in your BOBII directory). You should also learn to padlock ground targets or pan quickly to ensure you get that photo! The challenge is to achieve this without using the 'pause game' feature. There are bonus points for any ground or air kills along the way, but these can only be earned at great risk to the primary mission objective, and dogfighting is never recommended for recon units except to repel an attack. In some missions you will be armed with heavy ordnance such as bombs to allow you to attack targets of opportunity. Whether you do so, or jettison these immediately on starting the mission, is up to you! Can you achieve six successful missions as an Easter Bunny? Good luck! DOWNLOAD PDF (2MB) FROM HERE: http://www.freewebs.com/heinkill/bob2news.htm Missions include: 1) Investigate radio masts. Intelligence reports indicate the British have set up long range radio masts on the coast. We need low level photos to better evaluate their design and purpose. 2) Portsmouth naval strength. Channel convoy protection is being staged out of Portsmouth. You will conduct pre and post raid recon on a major raid intended to cripple the port and any RN ships there. 3) Unit identification. A new RAF squadron has reportedly been based at Manston. We need low level photographs of the aircraft to allow identification. 4) Find the Spitfire nest. Spitfire production at Southampton has been moved after heavy bombing, but we do not know where. You will photograph a row of new buildings at the Bristol Aero works which may be new Spitfire production facilities. 5) Beaufighters at Kenley. Our pilots have reported sightings of the new RAF twin engined heavy fighter at Kenley. You must confirm these sightings. 6) Smile, your majesty! British propaganda claims our bombers have deliberately targeted Buckingham Palace. You will obtain low level photographs of the palace which we will release to the world to prove they are lying! Feel free to post your successful recon shots on this thread http://www.shockwaveproductions.com/forum/...pic.php?t=11198 Inspired by: The Easter Bunnies: Long-distance Reconnaissance by the German Luftwaffe over Poland, France, England and the Atlantic 1938-1945 (Paperback), by Wendy von Well (Author), Roman Gastager (Author).
  15. A Good Sim You Aren't Playing

    The beauty of Buddye Lavender's BOBII AI is that they DO act in almost human ways... What you are seeing is a defensive 'dive and zoom' maneuvre which the LW AI deliberately uses against the Merlin engined Spitfires and Hurricanes. If the AI is in clear air, it is hard for the RAF fighter to follow because they will carburettor stall if they try to follow without inverting. And if the AI is above the cloudbase it lets the AI make the most of diving into/beneath cloud and then transitioning to a new maneouvre once it has lost you. All the while making most of the Luftwaffe fighter's better vertical energy performance. Freakin good eh? The other nice thing about the AI is that every pilot has their own assigned skill level, and yes, the AI will also make mistakes! You will see aircraft at the lower skill levels are poorer at energy management, and less skilled at complicated maneouvres. At the higher levels, they are more aggressive, fly to (though not beyond) the edge of the performance envelope, and will rarely lose control but...it happens. The aces in BOBII are not superhuman, they behave more like very very good but human pilots. Last night I got onto the tail of an RAF Hero AI, (you can check by setting labels on in the GUI options and in the BDG.txt file setting 'show movecodes' to ON. Then just press T to see who/what you are up against). It was the devil's work sticking with him but after about five minutes I finally got an angle and took a snapshot. It missed, but he flipped into a panic turn and went into a flat spin. I tried to follow him but he recovered before I reacquired him, went into a slow climb away from me to get some height and then the fight was on again! And while I was obsessing on him, a flight of Spits came up behind us, and nailed me. You HAVE to remember it's a big sky full of enemies in BOBII. Lesson learned. I took a screenshot and have put it over my PC to remind myself where target fixation will get you.

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