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  1. just that? wow. i really thought that setting the fuel on "easy" would consume the fuel even slower, but i didin't know that it left it unlimited..... well you know that addon, the "Talon" right? when you set that to full afterburner, (that it has the power of 30 engines with afterburner) goes hypersonic, by that going like a 1000 kts or more, you can actually see the fuel indicator draining really fast, iand i want to use that hypersonic capability more that once.... well ill try that, thanks anyway......
  2. Hi, can somebody help me with some cfg. modding please? you see, im trying a research for having unlimited fuel on a very popular aircraft, the Talon, for STRIKE FIGHTERS (GOLD OR PROJECT1 whatever, is the same....), well the problem is that that sucker is HYPERSONIC and when you put full throttle, it just drinks almost all the fuel in less than 10 minutes!!!, and im looking to do something about it, in fact i tried all on the aircraft cfg. any ideas???? thanks!

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