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  1. Once again I started from a clean install of SFP1G, I install the WW2 era weapons pack (this seems to be ok). But when I tried to start a new mission, whoops SFP1G Korea exploded ! I'm about to think that Korea doesn't work with . SFP1G ...
  2. Ok I've to recognize that for me the Korea war was a jet war, I didn't catch that some prop planes could buzz me :) Just an information: I've done a clean install of SFPG then I installed Korea. I succeeded in seeing the loadout weapons :) but the game exploded when the mission began :( After your mail, I understand that this failure is logical. If I ever succeeded in installing Korea war, I'll try to create some scenarios : The bridges at Toko-Ri bridges and so on :)
  3. Do you mean that I've to install the Korea mod on a "clean" SFP1G (update with SP3 ??). Your remark about the weapons editor raises issue: my weapon editor can't open any weapon data file :(
  4. Ok: SFP1 Gold updated with SFG_Update_Oct2008b.exe Weapons pack : WeaponsPack_03Jul06.exe all types of a/c seem effected I don't have 'adjusted' (?) any a/c data or loadout When I play with SFP1G, all ordnance are available (for example for the F4), but when I switch to Korea, nothing appears in the list for the F-86 for example :( I think there is some setting to adjust, but where ?
  5. Hi First I'd like to apologize if my question has already been answered. Here it is: I don't get the weapon loadout with the Korea mod. The Weapon directory is in my Object directory but no weapon choice in the material window :( So all I can do is to strafe with my 0.50, funny but not efficient... Is it because I'm using SFP1 Gold ?

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