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  1. war birds III flying sim

    Hi can any one Help to to send link or torrent from where i download Warbirds III or Warbirds its a bit old game i search on net but not find that its details Publisher: Simon & Schuster Developer: iEntertainment Genre: WWII Flight Sim Release Date: Mar 19, 2002 thanks cora
  2. Hi can any one send me the link from where i download latest cat extreation tool for WOI thanks cora
  3. Question...What are your top 3 gaming websites?

    wel wel wel before this topic go towards WWE wrestling its batter to know the topic is Question...What are your top 3 gaming websites? so WHAT's THE NAME OF THE WEBSITES...............
  4. Question...What are your top 3 gaming websites?

    oh they Baned wel after Combatace for downloading nice birds or for discussion u may go there its nice too for discussion A-Team ThirdWire Flight Simulator Forums http://cplengineeringllc_bb.cplengineering...bfa22ca2aabf88e for downloading http://cplengineeringllc.com/SFP1/ Note u must send e-mail to owner with the details which he require for downloading the birds as wel for discussion
  5. Question...What are your top 3 gaming websites?

    1.COMBATACE 2.CombatAce 3.combatace hummmm on 4rth....? ops 4th not have rite to come on VICTORY STAND ;-) bye
  6. wel wel wel Fubar if u realy know that the values of movements of an aircrafts then tel me how can i change them ? or only these things are automaticaly controlled by the game engine which might be build in C++ or some Old data structure language so if u realy know then plz tell me what to do thanks cora
  7. wel i just mentioned that ONLY it Happen when i Fly F-86 and su27 But Work Fine when fly other aircrafts even now i change my joystick and still faceing same problem i instal same aircrafts on other Pc but no change so the problem is IN SOME WHERE AIRCRAFTS DATA.INI from where the left rite up down movements are controlled but i personaly dont know where it is that section if it is ... Oh By the way i fly in Normal and Hard to but that aircrafts refeuse to Obay :-( thanks cora
  8. wel the Flight level diff= EASY and No1=By defaul Joystick settings (Fully Calibrate and centered) after facing this problem i just change Reduce all DEAD Area and Reduce All Joystick sensitivity but still face same problem even with same Joystick i use Other Fighters Like Mirage Factories F-16 and Migs 21,23 and they work very fine and give me smooth ride and i easily shoot with guns in stable position No2 even chack with same joy stick with FALCON-4 and Lcok On and work perfect hope so u understand if any thing else then let me know thanks cora
  9. Hi how can i change the maneuverability of an Air crafts Left write Roll and Up Down? i just download http://marcfighters.combatace.com/Aircrafts.htm su-27 and realy it is very nice aircraft but its Left Right Roll is very sencitive even i just turn some cetimeters and the aircraft just roll very fast and near gone out of control same happen with F-86 but in this air craft i face problem when u Press SHIFT+A and then syber go up and down with great G's and nearly imposilble to shoot down andy other mig using Guns coz of its sensitivenes in up down motion i try to solve my problem using Option of Wings over israels Joysticks Option that handle dead area and Sencitivity but no Result so Plz let me know from where i change the attributes of any aircrafts left right up down maneuvers Thanks Cora
  10. wel delete these birds ,its the good idea and download Mirage factory birds
  11. opsss it happen to u too ....i am facing this problem too when mig 21 face f -16 i try to change the years in data.ini but noting happen so i delete these and now its fine
  12. thanks LinDr2 i hope now i can do some thing for su-33 but awaiting for ur Su-33 by the way when ur going to upload ur su-33 in feuture???
  13. Hi i find the same problem and Resolve this thing that i use infact some older Weaponeditors that are not compatable with WOI so it is batter to go to http://www.thirdwire.com/downloads_tools.htm and download the latest editor for WOI and run in 98 compatibility mood which add weapon successfuly
  14. Hi is there any web site from where i can download su-33 or above? thanks

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