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  1. Hi all, I am have noticed on some of the missions I have been flying is when I target a sam site from a SAM update mod, I do not get an object, just a blank space where the vehicle should be. Kind hard to destroy something that is not there.
  2. A good ground pounder mission(SEAD) with a little air-air for some flavor Fav. plane = F-15E
  3. Any GI Joe Fans out there?

    Looking forward to the movie. I had a 12" G.I. Joe with the footlocker and hang-glider. My mom gave away the figure and I still have the hang-glider and footlocker. I also have alot of the early 80's stuff as well....
  4. New joystick

    Hello all, I purchased a new joystick with some Christmas money I received. I got a Saitek ST290 Pro Usb joystick as I got tired of buying new batteries for my wireless joystick. So far it has worked well for me. Does anyone have profiles for joystick regarding any of the Thirdwire series games or other flight simulators? ALso, does any have any prior experience with this joystick?
  5. I will check the ini to make sure. Thanks.
  6. I just want to thank all who have assisted me in my "numerous" problems. Everyone who has replied to my posts has been very helpful. I love visiting this site everyday to see what is new. Thanks again....
  7. OOPS!!!! I put the .lod and .bmp files in the f-15s folder. I will move them and see what happens. Thanks....
  8. I read over the guide and went on some training missions. I got mostly hits and some misses. I have figured out that it was me not using the correct release procedure. Thanks for everyone's help in this matter. Has anyone had any problems installing the sniper xr pod?
  9. Guys, I am in deperate need of help. I recently installed the Singapore Air force model of the F-15e. I followed the SniperXR pod installation procedure. I load the the plane and all I get is a pilot with its legs sticking out from beneath the plane(images attached).I have all the required files installed. What am i doing wrong? P.S. I got some of my lgb's to work last night. It was me not following the proper procedure for dropping them. Thanks to all who helped with that. img00001.bmp
  10. Thank you very much. I looked it over and I think that it will be a great help. I will update on this problem I am having.
  11. The bombs release ok. I flew several different missions and out of probably 15 I dropped, may be 1 or 2 actually hit. The rest just hit the ground. I will try to get some snap shots and post tomorrow.
  12. I will try that when I play again. Thanks
  13. I will install the SniperXR pod that came with the F-15SG. I have flown the typhoon and Gripen j-39 with lantrin andlightening pods and they have done the exact some thing. I will keep trying. It is probably something simple.
  14. All the modern aircraft capable of carrying lgbs.
  15. After I installed the latest patches for WOI and WOE, I noticed the my laser guided weapons no longer function correctly. When I release them, they just fall to the ground. I checked all the stats through the weapon editor to make sure nothing was changed. The plane I was using had a LD on it(F-15E). I also was sure to release within the weapon's parameters and still no luck. The missles work ok. Any ideas?

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