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  1. "Razvan" it's a romanian name,it's my birth name Razvan it's a name but if you brake in 2,he's semnification is name again,it can be translated like this : Raz= again zvanti=name and yeah I was named again at the age of 4,5 something like this(I was sick all the time....and an old tradion says if you're parrents give you a second name you'll do better :) after they gave me another name, Florin(its meaning flourishing is it's not in my identity card ) I got well,strange think:)
  2. I have one highpoly and one lowpoly. Thanks
  3. Hi again and thanks @suicidal i make my texture only with photoshop.you need good textures and have a good unwrap:) @Eric thanks :) @Soulfreak I will send you a new email in 2h,i'm not at home right now At the moment I don't make any airplanes because i have problem with one:D Soulfreak knows,after I have a good model and a good export like airplanes from Strike Fighter 2 I will make and airplanes,sorry
  4. Hi,I don't know if I'm posting in the right section but i didn't see a better area to post. I am a 3d Artist,if you need some models for you're game I can make. Here are some samples with my work(they are for Strike Fighter 2) and work with no problem: http://razvanstanciu...allery/128466#5 http://razvanstanciu...allery/128466#2 http://razvanstanciu...allery/128466#3 http://razvanstanciu...llery/128466#12 my e-mail is : razvan_stanciu2003@yahoo.com

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